Monday, August 31, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Day 30!!

30 day challenge

Day 30: Anything you want to post about
Well…I could post about anything, huh? No fear, dear readers, I wont torment you.

Really, lately I’ve just been moping, mourning and grieving the loss of Fat Cat. Its something that will take a long time for me to get over. As a matter of fact, having little man Jeffrey here is a little hard. I hear the jingle of the bell on his collar and expect Fat Cat to talk into the room, meowing and bitching at me for something, and instead I just get the little sir.

I plan on making a shadow box with her ceramic paw print and lock of hair the Funeral home gave me. I was going to put one of her favorite mousy toys in with it. I have all the materials needed, I just cant being myself to do it yet, same with framing and hanging her pictures.
The cat was such a huge part of my life.

I got a new TV monitor for the PC rig. I actually traded with someone. This one is an inch smaller, but what drew me to it was the small display stand. The other one was big and round and really did take up a lot of space when you toss in the keyboard sitting in front if it. This on has the hand tucked neatly under it.

My only main issue with it is the color settings. I cant get the just right. Something I’ll just have to get used to, I suppose. The same thing happened when I got the smaller secondary monitor.

Oh, and we cut a piece out of my desk at the bottom to accomodate all the wires and cords running behind my desk.

The right speaker wire did not survive the saw. Looks like I’ll be buying some new speakers today…lol.

I dont want to leave my house today. I really dont. But I have to take my new truck to the Ford dealership for a few things. My lighter plug is broken, and I need an extra key and clicker fob.  I also found out I need a new catalytic converter. Joy of joys.

When that is all taken care of, I am putting a 2 inch lift kit on the beast, 33″ tires, window guards and all my silly decals.

I went to Best Buy yesterday. Dangerous. I stood there staring at external hard drive. WHY??? I have TWO 1Ts already!!! I did buy three 16GB thumb drives. I tell you, I am obsessed with backing things up.

Its 10am and I’m still sitting in my jammies. I need to correct that and get my arse moving on taking care of things. A friend bought a new vehicle this weekend and I told them I would take them to pick it up this afternoon, so I need to take care of my own things now.

Blarg. I miss my cat.

I’m a sad panda.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Day 29

30 day challenge

Day 29: Picture of yourself
Um…I’m going to take a pass on this one. I forgot about this one.
Its 2am, I just woke up from a little nap, I’m slightly hung over, I TRULY hate my haircut and I have no make-up on.
Seriously, I am hideous as the moment. You dont wanna see this shit. I’ve seen zombies on the Walking Dead that look better than me at the moment. They probably feel better, too. lol.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

One Week


Its been one week since her passing.

It has been devastating. Lonely. Sad. Miserable.

We lost little man Jeffrey one afternoon… he was sleeping someplace we couldnt find him and he decided we just werent the effort to show himself. Typical cat. So, we got him a collar and put a bell on him. He spend an entire day trying to get it off before admitting defeat.

However, I hear that bell rattling around at night when he is off entertaining himself through the house, and oh, man…it just makes me think ChesterAnn is going to cross into the threshold of the office demanding my time.

I also catch myself calling Jeffrey Chester all the time.

I got the things to put together a shadowbox of ChesterAnns paw prints, lock of hair, favorite toy and a picture. I havent been able to will myself to put it all together.

I havent been able to go through her pictures and frame and hang them either.

I find myself toying with the pendant around my neck with some of her ashes in it. I find myself placing little kisses on it. I even catch myself talking to it.

I constantly look up at her urn. I talk to it, too.

You know, when you are grieving and morning and just stuck in so much pain, there is little anyone can do to make you feel better. I have recieved so many kind words from people, and yet this pain and ache is here, constant, seemingly neverending.

All over a cat.

No, not a cat. She was my best friend and confidant. Who bit me on occasion. But hell, what is a loving bond without biting?

You know, I want to get angry. I do get angry over unrelated things. I am extra moody right now, and snap easily. But I guess in a way I want someone to blame for her death. Oh, I could sit here and blame the vet, but you know, I cant bring myself to do it. Why? This man went above and beyond to try to help her. He, and his staff, REALLY care. I have gotten phone calls from some of the nurses and tech just asking how I am doing. How many can say their vet office staff does that for a client? A lot of things are so impersonal these days.

I gathered a bunch of things for Jeffrey. Things of ChesterAnn that I dont mind the little man having. A shit ton of food for one thing. And cat litter. Chesters old litterbox, since its the kind with a cover and flap. Little man Jeffrey was getting litter EVERYWHERE because he thinks he needs to dig to China. So the litter box was very useful and appreciated by my daughter.

However, Little Man Jeffrey hadnt figured out how to use the littler box like that at first. He got in okay, but when it was time to get out, he wasnt bright enough to push his head through the flap and crawl out. He poked a single tiny paw out and meowed for his momma to come rescue him. When my daughter told me that we laughed. Poor little guy. He understands now.

I also had an old pet carrier. ChesterAnn hated it. Its just a cheap one you can pick up at any pet supply store. Her good one, which I spent $60.00 is being kept with her things. I have put all her clothing into it.

Why do I do this? I feel like a mother that wont get rid of old baby clothes as their child grows up, keeping them as possible hand me downs or keepsakes. But I have no intention of giving these things to another cat. They are Chesters.

Okay, crying again. Lawdy do I hate crying. You know, I am not a big drinker of alcohol. I had some beer with raw oysters earlier in the week. That usually gives me my fix for 3-6 months. But I would love a six pack of Corona Extra, some limes and salt right now. Oh, and its only 9AM…but somewhere in the world it isnt!

Yesterday, to try to distract myself, I watched Couchtuner, getting caught up on all my shows that I’ve missed over the last few weeks. And I watched a good movie on Netflix. I plan on writing a small article on it with a review.
I have placed my gaming characters in ‘time-out’, so I dont have to log in and keep them active. They can stay in time out and I dont have to worry about the inactivity limit for deletion.

Well, I think I need more coffee right now. And some tissues.


~hugs and squishes~

30 Day Challenge: Day 28

30 day challenge

Day 28: Do you wish for anything at 11:11? If so, what do you wish for?
I know this is a thing with some people. Not with me though. I mean, I just never look at the clock that much, and cant even remember when I’ve ever seen it on 11:11. Besides, that would be a 12 hour thing, and I tend to do the military time thing, so I’d only actually see 11:11 in the AM. I’m doing things, just dont pay attention.
I also dont believe in wishes much. Its the eternal pessimist in me.

Friday, August 28, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Day 27

30 day challenge

Day 27: A picture of your handwriting

First of all, let me say, that yes, I am left-handed.

No, I dont write in that weird wrist breaking upside down way most lefties do.

However, I do find myself changing page positioning to suit ‘how’ I want to write. My hand writing can be very refined and elegant.

More often than not, however, it resembles that of a seriel killers handwriting.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Day 26

30 day challenge

Day 26: What are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy?
Oh, a good one, because despite being so anti-people and anti-touch, there are things out there that make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Of course, cats and kittens top that list.

My coffee.

The sound of waves at the beach, or even the slight ripple of wind across the bay. I love water sounds.

Thunderstorms…lightning, thunder, sideways rain. Tornado and hurricane weather.

The smell of sandalwood.

The smell of the fireplace in the winter.

Pumpkin spice everything.

Fall…more for the smells than anything. People raking up the dead and fallen leaves in their yards and burning them – love that smell.

Zombies. I just get all warm and fuzzy at the hopes of a zombie apocalypse.

Best Buy and Office Depot. Lawdy, I could spend a fortune.

Mens forearms. I dont know what it is about a nice looking set of forearms.

Coming up with an idea for a story or RP and getting it work on it and it just flows from me, from start to finish. RPs especially.

Getting my monthly B-12 injection. Not, not warm and fuzzy, however, it gives me a chance to ask my daughter to kiss my butt, and those moments are precious.

Holding hands. I am not one for the touchy feely stuff, but holding hands is nice.

Sugar cookies, the moist and chewy kind.

Butter cookies with my hot coffee.

Talking to people online and them making you feel better about yourself, your situation and life in general more than people face to face do. I think its because when you express yourself online to someone, you have to put extra effort into it to really convey your sincerity.

Big trucks.

Big trucks with big tires.

When my daughter does things without me asking.

When my daughter is affectionate and lovey with no alterior motive…lol.

Watching the wild life on my property. Deer, turkey, wolves, coyotes, the occasional cow…

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bringing Fat Cat home. My broken heart.

IMG_20150825_1142453_rewind IMG_20150825_1143011_rewind

I brought Fat Cat home.

Her urn is resting in a cubby in my desk above my head so she can always be looking down her nose at me. Thats an attempt at humor.

The funeral home was amazing. The people, I mean. So caring, thoughful and considerate.

So, of course I was not handling this well last night.

My answer: I needed raw oysters and Corona with lime and salt, STAT.

I went to the local oyster bar, well, the best one, and had a six pack of Corona Extra with plenty of limes and salt, and I ordered a dozen and a half of oyster, but when it came down to it, I was only able to eat a dozen. Thankfully someone else was there, and the daughter was there, so nothing went to waste.

And no worries, I did not drive…I drove there, but someone else came with the daughter and she was able to drive me home in my truck.

We talked about Fat Cat, and funny things, and at one point I was spewing beer everywhere in a fit of laughter and giggles.

Our waitress was amazing, but she always is. She’s the daughter of the owner, and just a real sweet, down to earth girl with a sense of humor that just falls in line with mine.

As a side note, Little Man Jeffrey has been a huge pain in the ass lately for the simple fact we can never find where he sneaks off to. My answer: Put a color and bell on him! I found one of Fat Cats old collars and put a bell on it. Its blue, so its perfect for the Little Sir.

Oh, Em, Gee. Put the color on him and he gets to moving around and the bell is jingling. He certainly opposed that. He has tried repeatedly to remove it. It. Is. Hilarious. The poor boy is like ‘what sorcery is this!’.

I still hate my super short hair, but eh, I dont have the money for a wig…lol.

I miss my cat. I sometimes think I catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes I call Jeffrey Chester on accident. Especially when he’s in trouble.

The is a void. A big one.

But dont you all worry I’m going to turn into some big lush or something. My little love affair with the Corona was a limited time thing. Like a one night stand. >>

I honestly only indulge in alcohol once every three month, at most. Coffee is my drug of choice…lol.
Well, I wanted you all to see ChesterAnns urn. The lighting behind it was from a different thing I had there, and kept the lighting because it added something to the look of the urn.

Well, I dont want to cry. Its too early for that shit. I’ll have a headache all day if I blubber now.

Be well, and love your four legged babies. (or six or eight if your one of those weirdos who keeps insects as pets. Nothing against you, but…ew.)

~Loves and squishes my darlings~

30 Day Challenge: Day 25

30 day challenge

Day 25: Would you rather date someone plain with an amazing personality or someone beautiful with a plain personality?

I honestly go for the plain, with the amazing personality. I’m no trying to sound mean or against what is considered ‘beautiful’, but those who are, and know it, usually tend to be a bit shallow. I mean, come on, even in our 40’s and 50’s when all of us gather in a gaggle, we all turn in on this high school mentality again for some strange reason. ‘The cool kids’ whatnot.

I am no raving beauty, but I dont find myself ugly either. I’ve been told I am ‘humble’, and I am perfectly fine with that. I know my flaws, and I also know its in MY hands whether to change those flaws or not.

Some people who look or seem perfect are not. While on the outside, they are perfect and everyone wishes they were like them, on the inside that can be very ugly.

So, yes, give me a nice plain guy with an amazing personality any day. Looks fade. Personality is what matters. A persons personality only gets richer with time. Looks just leave and you get sagging and all those perfections erode away.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 3 without Fat Cat: Bittersweet


Well, today was the day to go to the Funeral Home and choose ChesterAnn’s urn. She hadnt been cremated yet, so they allowed me to see her one last time. Of course I blubbered the entire time.

I chose a beautiful urn for her, as well as a small pendant that they put a little of her ashes into. Morbid, I know, but I want a part of her with me always.

I cant seem to stress enough to people what that silly old cat meant to me. She was my best friend, my child, my confidante. Its true, my world really did revolve around her.

The Funeral Home is also making me a plaster cast of her front paw prints.

I’ll be able to pick her up tomorrow morning some time.

Once I left and managed to stop snotting everywhere, I went and got my new truck. Well, not new new, but new for me. Its another Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, same avacado green as my last, only this is a newer model. There are some major differences in the interior I have to get used to. It drives like a dream though.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was ‘make it mine’. I got Mossy Oak seat covers and floor mats (why, yes, I am a redneck), a steering wheel cover, a cool set of skull dog tag air fresheners…and I ordered a shit ton of zombie apparell for the truck from Amazon.

I discovered much to my delight that the CD player in the truck holds 6 CDs. It only has one slot, so I thought it only took one. My last Expedition had a six pack changer…a little square box that you loaded 6 CDs into and popped it into a thing in the center console.

And the center console…zomg…I have so much space in there! The first thing my daughter said was ‘we could put a human head in there!’

Okay, to explain that, when my daughter and I size things, like boxes and such, we judge by what size of a human head will fit. We openly do this. Trust me, you will get some mighty strange looks in the middle of the Post Office when deciding on what size PO Box you will need and then reducing it to ‘holy cow, you can fit two heads, or maybe even a whole toddler, into that box!’.

Yeah, people dont get our brand of humor much.

I have a thumb drive full of Fat Cat pictures, and this evening I bought a bunch of varying size frames.

Yes, there will be a shrine.

I know, I’m pitiful.

Oh, and I still hate that I cut all my hair off.


Well, I have a busy day tomorrow. More weeping, whining, blubbering, sobbing, snotting and moping. And then I have to get my truck registered and get tags. I think I’ll get a custom tag…I just need to think of something that no one else in the state of Alabama has thought of. Bleh. >:[

~hugs to my squishes~

30 Day Challenge: Day 24

30 day challenge

Day 24: Seven things that cross your mind a lot
Exactly how far back in the property could I hide a body?

Do I really need just one more cup of coffee?

I think I need one more cup of coffee…

I need to restock in case of a Zombie Apocalypse…

I should get a manual typewriter, plenty of ribbon and paper in for the Zombie Apocalypse, that way I can keep writing…

I wonder just how often he thinks of me…

My swords need to be cleaned and sharpened…

Sunday, August 23, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Day 23

30 day challenge

Day 23: A letter to someone. Anyone.
Little Love,

You are gone now, and I miss you something fierce. I miss your soft fluffy paws patting me for attention. I miss the way you brought me things, yet wouldn’t actually let me have them. I miss the way you would leave your slobbered on toys all over my desk when I stepped out of the office for a little bit, you own way of showing your displeasure in that.

I wish more could have been done. I’m sorry if you were in pain. I know you were in pain. I’m so, so sorry.

I am keeping almost all of your things. All your clothes and favorite toys will be boxed up and set in a special place. You favorite food and water dish will be put in the cabinet. I did, however, give your litter box to your favorite little shit Jeffrey. He gets stuck in it. He doesn’t realize the flap works both ways. Bless him, he’s just a baby.

Some people say I should get a new kitten to fill the void. No. I don’t want a new kitten, and I don’t want the void filled. You are etched into my heart forever.

You were so dear to me. My constant companion, the one I could tell all my woes to, and you never judged. When I cried, you didn’t like it. You cried with me. You cuddled me. Your compassion was astounding.

There will never be a cat just like you. Never. You were so unique, from your attitude, facial expressions and demeanor.

I miss you, my ChesterAnn.

All my love,

Day 1 without Fat Cat

Fat Cat: The kitten years

So, yesterday I took a handful of my meds plus an extra dose of Ambien and called it a day at 3:30PM, only waking once in that time, which was more like zombie mode than anything.

I woke up at 4AM this morning. I felt hollowed out. Fat Cat wasnt in bed with me. She didnt come greet me. She didnt sit on my desk and tap my shoulder, face or brush her paw through my hair in a cute attempt to weasel me out of treats.

I didnt know what to do without myself. Sitting there crying was top of the list. But I had to physically be doing something.

So, I rearranged all my furniture here in my office, put away Fat Cats clothing and most prized toys. I called the Funeral Home that was handling her cremation to set an appointment to choose an urn or container for her ashes.

I went through all my pics of her on my PC and transferred my favorites onto a thumb drive…I’m planning on taking them to Walgreens and printing them out and framing them.

Some people think ‘All this for a cat’. ChesterAnn was no mere cat in my book. She was like my kid. In all actuality, my shrink had urged me to get her as a ‘therapy animal’. Who knew she would turn out to be more nuerotic than me…

I miss her so terribly. I am missing those little every day things.

AAANNDDD….now I am blubbering and snotting everywhere.

I suppose I should wrap up this depressing post for now.

No fear, I’m sure there are more to come! ~can feel your utter excitement~

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Howdy my Darlings!

This year I am working as a Municipal Liason on NaNoWriMo. I would love for you all to clicky the link above and give whatever you’d like or can!

As you all know, NaNo is a project dear to me, I love participating and I love rallying the others.

I plan on attending The “Night of Writing Dangerously” in San Fransico, however, this also depends on the help of you all. I must raise enough through fundraising to ensure my seat!!

The Deadline for this fundraiser is August 31. I know, I know…not a lot of time. But please, any little bit will help and ensure my spot.

There is a static page for this on for those who wish to donate later, or multiple times!

Love you, my darlings!

30 Day Challenge: Day 22

30 day challenge

Day 22: A picture of what you wore today
What am I wearing today?
This is my most worn outfit. I don’t know why. Its so comfy. Oh, look! I wont be scaring any wild life away, being all camo and all. :P

Saturday, August 22, 2015

ChesterAnn (Fat Cat) The passing of my heart.

This morning at approximately 10:30am, ChesterAnn, aka Fat Cat, passed away in my arms.

To say I am devastated is putting things very lightly.

sleepychesters prettygirl IMG_20141231_162835 IMG_20141231_162815 IMG_20141125_182704 IMG_20141223_182402 IMG_20140826_145256 chesterscleaning chesterannmyarm ChesterAnn1 ChesterAnn Shaved ChesterAnn Cuteness 20120815_183318 (1) 20120815_183400 ChesterAnn Christmas  1551535_10152175305989441_1919137253_n 004

Rest in Peace, my little love.

30 Day Challenge: Day 21

30 day challenge

Day 21: Turn on’s and off’s
Turn ons:
People who love cats
Big trucks and SUVs
Mens forearms. I dunno why. I find them sexy.
Talking about cats and coffee
Having someone I can sit in total silence with and it not be awkward
A great smile.
Being alone. I am one of those people who is perfectly content being cut off from the outside world (as far as interacting with others). Give me high speed internet, my Rig or Laptop, my cat and my coffee and thats all I need.


Turn offs:
Bad hygene
Bad teeth
Chewing with mouth open
Beards…facial hair period…dont like it much. It looks nice on quite a few guys that are sexy, just dont touch me with it.
Loud vehicles/motocycles: There is no reason on this earth I need to hear your vehicle/motorcycle from 2 miles away.
Religious fanatics/bible thumpers
My coffee being too bitter
Green Bell Peppers
Pretty much people in general, but you all knew that.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Life Update: Fat Cat, Vehicles and other things…

images (2)

Well, Fat Cat is currently at the vet. I am waiting for them to call. We’ve been forced to go the route of placing a feeding tube into her neck for me to feed her. She will still be able to eat like normal, but thus far she is refusing to eat. She is drinking plenty of water though.

All she wants to do is lay around and sleep. Especially in my bed. On my side. Where she then commences to pee the bed because she hurts to much to get out to go to the litter box. :|

Honestly, I dont mind. I just want my cat. However, if this feeding tube doesnt help her, then we are out of options, and I am faced with having to let her go.

I can talk about this without crying today because my shrink has me nicely sedated. Hell, I slashed my leg open earlier. I dont even care.

Now, in other news…maybe its the depression, or maybe its my own way of not self mutilating the typical way…but…I got all my hair cut off. Its super short. I hate it. What was I thinking? I wasnt, thats what. I am so sad, I just did it on impulse. Everyone says it looks super cool and nice and all, but I like my hair long. Blah. I’ll take pictures soon, so you all can take a gander.

More news…I FINALLY got a new truck. Its the same as my old truck…lol. Same make and model, same color scheme. Just a few years newer. 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition. Avacodo Green, tan interior.

I took it for a test drive, and talked the price down by $3000.00. Not bad, huh? I put some money down on it today, but dont want payments, so I’ll go in next week and pay the balance and have my lovely truck.

Here’s a pic of it:
2015-08-21 11.45.40

I’m either going to put a three inch lift on it or a three inch suspension lift. The standard three inch lift is cheaper. There are no flaws in the interior, though it has leather, but I will cover them. I dont like leather interior. It has a DVD player and individual headphones for the back passengers. I really wont need that, but my last Expi had that too, so I guess its pretty standard.

There are a few differences between this Expi and my old one, and thats just because of the year differences. Things are more upgraded on this one, and I’ll just have to get used to the layout of things. However, it drives like a dream.

So now I’m just sitting here for news on Fat Cat and when I can go pick her up and bring her back home. I’ll probably give it another hour before I get all antsy and call to pester them. :[


Thursday, August 20, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Day 20

30 day challenge

Day 20: Concerts you have attended
Various operas, ballets and evenings at the orchestra growing up. Momma wanted me to have ‘culture’. Apparently it didn’t take… lol

In no particular order…
Def Leppard (80’s)
Alice in Chains
Ozzy (80’s)
Lita Ford (80’s)
Duran Duran (80’s)
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Pink Floyd (80’s)
Sound Garden
Pearl Jam
Chris Isaac
Van Halen (80’s)
The Offspring
The Cure (80’s)
Ratt (80’s)
and some various one hit wonders seen in clubs in the late 90’s, early 2000’s.
Be on the look out for an update on Fat Cat. Right now, I am way exhausted, but will give you all an update later in the day.

30 Dy Challenge: Day 19

30 day challenge

Day 19: A list of all the places you’ve lived
Daleville, Alabama
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Galveston, Texas
Texas City, Texas
Port Angelos, Washington
San Diego, California
Fort Polk, Louisiana
Fort Rucker, Alabama
Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Mainz, Germany
Wiesbaden, Germany
Fort Riley, Kansas
Ozark, Alabama
Enterprise, Alabama

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fat Cat Update :(


Well, things are not going well at all. :(

I was called by the vets office yesterday morning and told that Fat Cat wouldnt eat, and if she doesnt eat, she doesnt poo. She needs to poo.

They asked if I would come sit with her, hoping that maybe she’d perk up a little, and maybe eat for me. I took some of her favorite treats and food, because she is totally a fussy eater. I knew they wouldnt be feeding her anything she liked, they would be feeding her the post surgery nutrient rich chicken based wet food.

So I go in, and they escort me to the kennel she is in. As soon as she sees me she tries to come to the bars, meowing and crying.

My poor baby looks so bad. It was heartbreaking. Truly. I can see the noticable difference in her body where the mass and intestines were removed. She looked so small.

They opened her kennel up and let me sit with her, mindful of her IV. I couldnt hold her, but I loved on her every way I could. Pets, scritches, sweet soothing words.

I achieved getting her to eat about 6 of her treats. The nurse was just stunned. She called Fat Cat a brat. I recommended to the nurse to get Fat Cat a beef based wet food. Beef is all she will eat. She turns her nose up to anything else. And she prefer Friskies to anything, but the vet had some beef based nutrient wet food and brought it to her. She didnt eat it though.

She continued to let me coddle her. I noted to the nurse that one of the reasons Fat Cat probably wasnt using the bathroom at all was because they had a plastic litter box filled with shredded paper. Fat Cat took to sleeping it in rather than the soft bed they made her. I told the nurse its a ‘box’ thing. Fat Cat loves her some boxes. Also, there wasnt any litter…Fat Cat is probably confused by that, and I understand that with a belly full of stitches and an IV in her arm they dont want to use a clay litter. But Fat Cat is set in her ways.

She purred and dozed while I coddle her some more, and then she started getting fidgety. She stood up and moved around in the kennel (its pretty big) and started growling and whining. I know she is in so much pain. However, she moved to the soft bed from the box and peed on it. The nurse came in and I gently lifted Fat Cat out so the bedding could be changed, and the poor baby cried the whole time. No sooner had we got her settled back into the kennel, she moved to the fresh bedding and pawed at it and tried to poo. Now, this is going to be gross, but all that came out of her was a thick blood and ooze. It smelled horrid, but not like poo bad, it had a medical smell to it. It was nasty, and of course I was freaked out by this. Fat Cats entire back end is bloody, as she has been oozing this since the surgery. But the nurse assured me that this was a good thing, and the blood and stuff was normal. What was really good, was the fact that Fat Cat was pushing it out on her own. She was making an effort to poo. No food came out though, and they wont release her until she starts passing food waste.

Needless to say, after that, Fat Cat was very tired, and very grouchy. She crawled back in the box and lowly growled as I petted her a little longer, and then the nurse said she was going to administer a pain med and that I should probably go.

They are going to call me in the morning. The nurse said I would probably need to come sit with Fat Cat again, which of course not an issue at all. Thats my baby in there. I left her treats and her favorite food so they could try getting her to eat more of that if she turns her nose up at what they offer.

I’m going to bring her one of her favorite toys when I visit her. It smells of her, me and home. That should bring some comfort until she can come home.

Just seeing my babycat that way was just…heartbreaking.

Happy thoughts and love for the Fat Cat (I may have to give her a new nickname after this. :(   )

30 Day Challenge: Day 18

30 day challenge

Day 18: Name the TV Show you have become addicted to

DAMMIT! I refuse to choose. I am addicted to several. Not a lot, but I honestly can’t choose.

1: The Walking Dead
2: Supernatural
3: Penny Dreadful
4: Vikings
5: Daredevil
6: Grimm
7: Hannibal
8: The Strain
9: Z-Nation

I used to like American Horror Story as well, but after the second season it just didn’t jive for me. The third season was okay, but they got too many inaccuracies about voodoo and history wrong, and it irked me…lol…and then there was season four, which was a total waste of time. Season five doesn’t look promising to me either. Season One was by far the best.
With the new TV season starting soon, I will likely be adding ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ to my list, while I’ll be losing Hannibal since its being cancelled. And as an aside, Z-Nation isn’t very good at all to me as far as the storyline and the acting, but it forever amuses me for some reason. I can say I could be content if all I ever got to watch were the top four on my list.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Day 17

30 day challenge

Day 17: What do you want to be when you get older?
Holy cow…I’m already ‘older’…lol.
I’d like to become more known as an author, but I know that takes time. Not saying I really want to be rich and famous, just known and liked by my peers. I would like my work, both in writing and blogging my mundane little things, to be appreciated. It takes a lot of work and dedication to achieve such a thing. But getting feedback from those who visit my site or read the things I write is a fantastic feeling.

If I cant have that…well…I want to be a cat when I grow up. :P

Monday, August 17, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Day 16

30 day challenge

Day 16: If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth?

If the World Would End Tomorrow?

I think I would hop a plane and go to Guatemala. My mother, father and little sister live here. I haven’t seen my little sister since she was 16, and she is almost 30 now, with two little girls.
They can’t come to the states without jumping through hoops and paying buttloads of money.

I want to meet my nieces, especially my niece Novali. We talk on Skype all the time. I’m her favorite aunt and we’ve never even met face to face. She is funny, animated, oh so talkative. Sometimes she accidentally slips from English to Spanish and I have to wave my hands at her to catch her attention to get her to flip back into English mode.

She loves my hair when it’s purple. I talked with her today and she scrunched up her nose at my half bright red, half black tresses. She thinks I should give it a break and have all black hair, like her. I think I’ll take her up on that. She would be SO thrilled. She loves the weird way I dress sometimes, too. She claims she wants to be like me when she grows up.

On a visit from my mother years ago, I hand painted a ceramic cat for Novali. She keeps it in her special ‘treasure’ box. When it was first given to her, she carried it everywhere. My mom showed it to me recently. Its paint is cracked, its ears are chipped, and it just looks like someone loves the hell out of it.

I also sketched and colored three fairy portraits for her one year. My mother took them back to Guatemala and framed them, but didn’t give them to her right away. They were saving them for her ‘new room’.

They recently remodeled her bedroom. New everything! Paint, furniture, bedding, her own TV. They didn’t let her see her new room until her birthday. When they opened the door she gasped, just audibly gasped and immediately said “Aunt Zoe made those Fairies! OH.Em.Gee. I’m gonna die!” My mother thought it was hilarious, but at the same time kind of bummed because the sweetie kind of overlooked everything else done in the room.

I find it incredible that I can have this bond with this child with whom I’ve never met face to face.

I want to hug this little person and tell her how much I love her.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kitty Cat Update


Well, this weekend has not faired well for the felines in this household.

As you know, Fat Cat had to be taken to the vet this past Monday. She improved for…one night…then it was back downhill.

And Little Man Jeffrey gave us all a fright as well.

I noticed Fat Cat being lethargic again, and kind of whiny. And then as I was cuddling Little Man Jeffrey early Friday evening, I noticed two lumps on his neck. One was more pronounced than the other. Between the two kitties, we were beside ourselves, so my daughter hunted down a veternary clinic that has emergency hours. Granted, it was an hour long trip, and Fat Cat does not travel well at all, and the Pet ER was OUTRAGIOUSLY expensive…but…worth it.

Little Man Jeffrey had a fever, so they worked on him first. Those lumps were an abscess. They gave him a fever reducer, pain shot, anti-biotics and then they lanced the abscess. Close to 200bux for all that. And the daughter has to pick open the mark from the lance and squeeze more of the puss out when she can until it goes away completely. 

One side is already gone, the other is still puffy and needs to be drained throughout the day.

Fat Cat is another story. X-rays were done and they found a really huge impaction in her upper intestines. This ER wanted to either just give her laxatives, or go in guns blazing with scalpals…it would have cost between 1800 – 2200bux. I kindly asked for a sedative and pain reliever to be administered, and a copy of the X-Rays.

So come Saturday morning, Fat Cat and I are waiting outside our regular vets office. The doctor takes us right away and looks over everything. He can do anything needed for under 500 bux. He sedated her, shaved her, then ran a tube into her intestines to try to break up the impaction and massage it out.

Then he felt something hard and round.

He called and asked permission to go in scalpals blazing, which, of course I said yes.

He had to cut out 4 inches of intestine, clean out a huge mass of hair and food that had solidified somewhat, and then he found that round mass. At first he thought it was a tumor, so he took his scalpal to it. It was hair and food, so rock hard, that it was blocking the valve in her intestines not letting anything at all pass.

Also, part of what he had cut out was scarred tissue. We put our heads together and deducted that when that dog bit her in her belly last year, he did more internal damage than anyone imagined.

So, he’s not expecting to releasse Fat Cat on Tuesday, at the latest.

I miss her so much. She has such a comforting presence for me.

Also, this is the first time she has ever slept away from home. Its one thing for me to go off for a weekend, but poor Fat Cat has never been out of her element, surrounded by strange smells and other animal scents. I’m sure, well, if she wasnt totally doped out of her mind right now, that she would be feeling so much anxiety being separated from her home comforts.

The doc is going to call me in a few hours. Yes, its 4:45AM…I havent slept since Thursday night, and even that was just a few hours.

I tried to catch a nap today, but Little Man Jeffrey had other plans involving his little claws and my little toes.

Think happy thoughts for my Fat Cat!!! <3

30 Day Challenge : Day 15

30 day challenge
Half way done!

Day 15: A photo of someone you fancy at the moment
I don’t really ‘fancy’ anyone. I think I’ve made my feelings on people pretty clear… lol
I fancy my cat though. Luffs her. She’s awesome.

ChesterAnn AKA = FAT CAT
From Christmas:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Day 14

30 day challenge

5 Celebrity crushes (not in any particular order) hubba hubba
a: John Cusack
b: Norman Reedus
c: Michael Fassbender
d: Charlie Hunnam
e: Jensen Ackles