Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rocking Chair: A short story

This short also comes from a writing prompt.
The sentence starter is 'The broken...', you had to come up with things from there. Cheers!

The broken shell of a woman sat in her room, rocking on an old antiqued rocking chair she had picked up somewhere along the way in her life. She looked out of the window overlooking her backyard.
She had no one left. Everyone had abandoned her. The only people who associated with her were just a far and few who needed something, more often than not.
She got her hopes up in these small events, however. Hoping someone would stay.
No one ever did.
Was it her?
Most would say that it was.
The sad thing, was they all knew her, and knew her ways.
They could not accept her for who she was.
So here she sits, withering away, alone and cold. Hallowed out.
Only her memories provided any entertainment, but they all ended in sadness. She had nothing to keep her happy.
This sad little rejected woman.
She would take her own life, but that was a feat easier said than done.
Vampires didn’t commit suicide often.

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