Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Little Update


Well, the end of the month is fast approaching. I know, I know, I've been hiding away from my blog. I really had nothing new to update with, no funny stories, no crazy antics.

BEHOLD!!! The cows have no been set loose in the field across the road...hilarity will ensue when I start antagonizing them by running past them waving a bottle of A~1 and a steak knife.

Seriously...the cows lean on the fence all the time and they get loose. I have to wrangle them up from my yard (5acres) and back to Farmer Bob to tend to.

So Camp NaNoWriMo didn't go as I had planned. I wanted to knock out a good chunk of rewriting and editing my novel, but I just could not find my flow and rhythm for it.

So instead, to keep me writing and thinking on a daily basis, I've been doing contests, challenges and writing Role Plays for my games. I keep track of all my word counts on everything. So far, I've surpassed my word count for the month.

Some of those short stories from prompts in my games will get posted here soon. I have gotten some really great feedback on them. People really liked them. Of course, almost all of the stories are tragic, but don't worry, only a few are vampire based. I tried to just do tragedy and twisty sorts of stories.

So far, in these challenges, my favorites have been the three word challenge. Write a 300 word short story incorporating 3 words that are given each morning. My other favorite is the random first sentence starter. 300-500 words. They give you the beginning of a first sentence...you take it from there.

I've had loads of fun doing it, and its HAS relieved some of the stress I've felt working on my book.
Fat Cat has still been acting strange. OMG... has she been a bad kitteh!!! She is doing everything she knows she's not supposed to, and getting into places she knows are off limits. Health-wise, she's fine. She's just throwing tantrums it seems.

I'll start posting some of my short stories. I used to whine and cry when it comes to short stories. I tend to get wordy, and keeping below 1500 words was a challenge. I HAVE MASTERED THE SHORT STORY!!!

Never ask me to write poetry though. Nope. Not gonna happen. I can do it. NOPE!!

~squishes you all~

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A little update


Well, lets see.

I'm still in that depressive icky state, however, I have been writing my ass off! I managed 3108 words today. Though, sadly, it wasn't on my novel...lol. I was writing short stories. HEY!! Its writing!!!
The gaming life has been alright. Well, one of them. Though filled with sadness, both my characters on one site are flourishing, despite their recent trials and heartaches.

The other game just makes me want to smash bricks into peoples faces. Well, other characters, not their players.

I'm working on a story that reconnects two characters that haven't interacted in years. Its a very nice piece, so far. I may just post it up here when its finished. I'm not sure if the player of the other character referenced in the story will add to the RP, but if she does, I'll poke at her annoyingly, text her, FB her, and call her at ridiculous hours to get permission to post her writing to give you all the full story.

I watched Supernatural. Why do I torment myself like this? Why do those writers torment this fandom so?

Music...has anyone seen Interstellar? I didn't really watch it, I was cooking or something, but I listened to it, and the music sucked me in more than the movie itself. The Original Score. Simply AMAZING!!! So of course I got it and downloaded it and now have selected tracks added to my writing playlists. If you haven't had a listen, you should. The movie might be worth checking out too...lol.

Fat Cat has been acting rather strange lately. Well, stranger than usual. She doesn't want to sleep in the bed with me, but she howls constantly for me when I do go to bed. She brings toys up the hall and leaves them for me. She just sounds...pitiful. She's taken up a new perch as well. If I cant find her in the windows, or in her carrier, or plopped down right in my face...I find her curled up in the entertainment center on the stereo tuner. I know it puts out constant heat. She's just been...weird. One thing hasn't changed. If I leave for any reason, even just for an hour or two, she yells at me when I walk through the door. Nothing like being scolded by your cat. -.-

I'm going to a wedding next month, on the beach, if weather permits. I have to wear...A DRESS!!! ~dies~ Really, I bought something suitable. And thankfully its something I can wear again. Of course, I'll be wearing a pair of spandex bike shorts underneath, as its short and flowy, and its ALWAYS my luck that a nice ocean breeze will flutter up and blow my dress up over my head. >_>

Well, that's a bit of an update. Its a happy update, yes? I'm sure my murky mood will lift soon. Maybe its rolling in with the allergies? Who knows.

~squishes you all~

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lost Motivation


I feel full of fail.

~head desks~
I have had a severe lack of motivation to do ANYTHING productive the last month now. My blog posts are sporadic, I'm sluggish about responses, I'm not doing much reading, I've given up on those contests I was aiming for and I'm falling behind in Camp Nanowrimo.

I had started completely rewriting my first couple of chapters of Book Two before sending them to my editor, and ~poof~ All my drive and motivation fled me.

I feel apathetic and lethargic.

Very depressed, that is for certain. People who know me have even noticed. I have not even gone to the coffee shop to sit down and write all week.

What's wrong with me? Where has my self confidence run off to? My motivation? My inner cheering section?


I will extend my apologies to anyone who's emailed me and I haven't responded yet, and I am TOTALLY behind on reading my favorite blogs.

Can anyone cheer me up? Set me back on track? Kick me in the ass?

On a side note, Fat Cat got her usual shave down and the groomer messed it up. She's supposed to get a 'Lion' cut. They forgot to shave her tail down to a little poof at the end. So, Fat Cat looks like a fat blubbery pink uddered Squirrel. >:[

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Movie Review Zoe-Style : Fury


Yeah, so, its been out for awhile now, but I've just gotten the chance over the holiday weekend to watch it.


Now, we all know I am a history buff, especially WWII.

I Frikkin' LOVED this movie.

It was honest and blunt. It was in your face on the realities of these armor crews in WWII, and how the Germans really did have superior armor divisions and tanks.

And not only that, but in the stories of each member of the Fury family. They came from all different walks of life, loved and hated one another, but no matter what, their Fury was home.

I just loved it. 5 stars from me. But again, WWII buff...oh, and Brad Pitt. ~drools~ I love him in just about everything he is in. I like him best in hard nosed gruff roles. I prefer his cleaner cut look though.

So, watching this made me want to pull up some of my other favorite WWII films. But then I got lost in the Netflix Vortex of Doom, and have started watching Heroes from season one and onwards. ~facedesks~

I really should be working on my book. I really should be working on Camp Nano. I really should be working on contest entries (still pining away for membership into The Horror Writers Association)

On a strange side note, there is one war movie I will NOT watch, despite its good reviews and everyone telling me to watch it, and that's 'War Horse'. Nope. Yanno, I can watch people being tormented, exploded, decapitated, dismembered...but I cant watch it happen to an animal. And I don't even know if that sort of thing happens in War Horse, but I know what the movie portrays, and I just cant see that. Not to horses. Yeah, bring me exploding people. ~sage nods~

Friday, April 3, 2015

Disappearing Amazon Reviews...


So, I have had quite a few Amazon reviews. At least 6. And 3 Barnes & Noble reviews.

I checked in on my Amazon page, and *POOF* I have had several reviews just disappear.

Thankfully I had taken a screen shot of them a week or so ago because I was going to make a post about them.

So, here they are. Only two remain on my page now, however. I find it distressing to say the least. Has this happened to anyone else??

amazon review 1

amazon reviews 2

amazon review 3

amazon review 4

So most all of these are gone but two. 

I just want to cry. :(