Saturday, February 28, 2015

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit


I’m still alive, I’m still alive. Barely.

Yanno, that whole idea of swapping rooms so I could have a bigger office? Yeah, taking a lot longer than anticipated.


Well, I don’t have any friends, the daughter works and I hate asking her to help, and I need a harem of men. Yes. That would be most helpful.

But, alas, it is me and my fat cat, and she, at first, hard a little bit of an adjustment having everything all cluttered and her things not where they normally are. But she is getting used to it.

The cable/ISP will be here Monday afternoon to move my internet line.

OH! I have not been to sleep in like…48 hours! I even took my Ambien and nada. So, since I am physically wiped out at the moment, but my brain doesn’t want to shut off and let me sleep, I have entered into the Netflix Vortex of Doom. I have watched…

Saving Private Ryan
The Hurt Locker
Blackhawk Down
We Were Soldiers
Full Metal Jacket
300: Rise of an Empire

and…I am about to watch Defiance and maybe start on Generation Kill, which isn’t on Netflix, I have the box-set DVDs. The book was better, of course. But the HBO production is fantastic in its own right.

Can you see a trend here? Yes, I love war movies. All war movies. Even old black and white ones. I’m a war buff. Yeah, you thought that was just limited to the character of my book? Write what ya know, right?

I haven’t been writing all week, other than some minor RP gaming writing. I have not worked on Book Two at all. I’ve been working on this room swap, clearing and tossing junk, moving things that tried to kill me. Like I said, I am just physically exhausted. Mentally, too. I feel just drained, yet cant sleep.

Fat Cat is sleeping just fine and dandy, however. Any time I sit down, she’s all over me. The big squish.

I’ll be glad when I have this moving project done. I’ll be happy when I have my swords and pictures and little nick-knacks and voodoo dolls all in their new places. Oh, and I FINALLY have enough shelves for all my books! It took three bookcases. I still have a little room in the nooks in the hutch of my desk, but I’m thinking of putting some pictures there instead.

I do have a complaint about this big old room. Its cold. Well, I’m sure in the summer its going to be sweltering. There’s two heat/AC ducts in here, but I don’t think they are working, and its so cold out right now.

On the plus side, all the windows have screens. I can open up the room and let the lovely scent of honeysuckle and lilac in in the spring. I have some growing wild just off the treeline, really close to the house. Not to mention, fat cat will love sitting in the windows. Well, she already does. I set up a little perch for her already. She doesn’t use it much unless the sun is just right for now. Besides, she’s always on me if I sit down…lol.

Well, its now 5:25am. I’m going back into the Vortex of Doom.

Someone send a search party if you don’t hear from me in a few days. >_>

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spotlight on Blogger Britta!

Spotlight: Blogger Britta!

The lovely Britta!
I’m met Britta right here on the lovely interwebs, just stumbling over one another’s blogs. She fun, upbeat and just cute as a button! She indulged me with a little about herself and answered my questions with gusto.
Don’t forget to gander over to her blog and check her out! Now, on with the show…
Let’s meet Britta…
Hi all, I’m Britta; I’m currently a college student in Minnesota and will be graduating with a double major in history and English in May. I have a fuzzy idea of what I want to do with my life (something with public history, I think) and am trying to take life one step at a time. I would love to be a published author one day, too, but not now…one step at a time, remember? :) I started blogging in September of 2013 and joined WordPress in May of 2014. My current site, It’s a Britta Bottle! ( was created in August of 2014. I started to blog to force myself to write—I had fallen out of my writing practice for quite some time—and have since discovered this amazing community of supportive and talented bloggers. It’s my pleasure to be in Zoe’s spotlight this week…nice to meet you!
Britta jumped right on in with my 10 silly questions. I absolutely LOVE her enthusiasm!
10 Questions, Zoe style…
1. What is your writing process?
My writing process has been constantly changing as a blogger. I used to write and publish a post all in the same day. A little while ago, however, I became really unsatisfied with the work I was producing in that small amount of time. I am learning how to give myself time to think through ideas. I’ve started to utilize my draft folder, which has been really wonderful for coming back to some writing that felt like it wasn’t going anywhere the first time around.
My writing process as a blogger is different than my personal writing process (as in journaling) and the process I have for writing school papers. If I ever do write a book in the future, as I’d like to, I’m sure my writing process for that will be a little different, too.
2. What do you read for pleasure?
Well, I’d like to say everything, but that’s simply not true. I am mostly drawn to historical fiction and the classics. My favorite book is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and I’m currently reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. I’m also drawn to biographies—I am interested in biography as a subfield of history and love learning about a particular time period or event in time through the lens of one individual. I love books that make me think, allow me to see the world differently. That said, I have been enjoying book reviews by my fellow bloggers because they’ve exposed me to titles I might not have otherwise batted an eye at. I really would like to read more books from many different genres, but that just doesn’t happen as much as I’d like given the books that I am generally drawn to. Well, also, I don’t find a whole lot of time to read for pleasure during school since I’m so busy with reading the bazillions of pages of assigned readings for my history and English classes. :)

3. What is the greatest joy of writing/blogging for you?
I started to blog for myself—to better understand myself and allow myself to grow as a person. I believe blogging has helped me with that extensively and I credit all the writing I’ve been doing since I started blogging frequently in really helping me to figure myself out this year—I’m in my last year of college and don’t know where I’m going to be in a year. That’s scary, but writing and blogging has really helped me with that.
I’ve recently developed an immense joy in connecting with other bloggers out there. I had no idea that such an amazing community of bloggers existed when I started blogging, and I’m so thankful I’ve found it. The people I’ve met here in the blogosphere are simply amazing! So, while I do write for myself and love how much I’ve grown in simply writing so much since I’ve started blogging, I have to say that my greatest joy is a tie between writing for myself and interacting with the community—because this community is just so wonderful!
4. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Well, I’m 21—though I’ll be 22 in March. I was born in raised in Minnesota and though it’s been a wonderful state to grow up in, I don’t want to stay here…at least not at this time in my life. I love to read, I love to write, and I love history. I am majoring in history and English, but I don’t want to teach (so don’t ask me that…it’s one of my pet peeves). I am interested in pursuing a career in public history at some point. I did a curatorial internship at the Smithsonian last summer and thought I had an amazing experience, I also learned that I don’t want to be a curator. I’m an introvert (and INFJ to be exact) though I love spending time with people too…especially my good friends and my family. I love coffee, I’m a pescetarian (meaning I don’t eat meat, but DO eat fish), I just started doing yoga daily about two weeks ago and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I can be a little scatterbrained and am definitely random, as you can probably see from my answers to this question.
5. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes down to sitting down and writing?
My biggest weakness is FOCUS! This most commonly manifests itself in school papers that I’m really just not feeling. I have spent way too many nights up until 3 am writing a paper the day before it was due simply because of a lack of focus. If I don’t feel inspired, I have a really hard time writing. This is something I’m trying to work on because I’m not necessarily proud of this 3 a.m. nights and the work that is produced through them…but that is certainly easier said than done.
My strength comes is my understanding that writing takes time. This is something that I really learned to embrace last semester when I was taking a composition studies course. A major theme of the course was how writing is a process. I’ve been trying to implement that in my blogging much more of late and I’m much more satisfied with my blog as a whole because of that.
I just realized how intertwined my weakness and strength are. Perhaps if I gave myself more time to write my school papers, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about my lack of focus!
6. Do you have any strange writing habits?
None that I can think of. Well, I guess staying up until 3 am trying to finish a paper is kind of strange…or maybe that’s just an incredibly college student thing to do.
7. What is your least favorite part of the publishing / writing/blogging process?
The (I would say self-inflicted) pressure to get more followers, more views, more likes. I started to blog for myself, as I’ve said before; I’ve lost sight of that multiple times already on my journey as a blogger because I’ve felt like I needed to change my blogging style to become more popular. I want to write stuff that speaks to me, though…if people respond well to it, that’s great, if not, at least I know I’m doing something good for myself. That’s really hard to remember sometimes—especially when I see the success of my fellow bloggers. I know shouldn’t be comparing myself to them, but that is certainly easier said than done sometimes!
8. Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point?
I make my bed every morning! It’s one of those things that just makes me feel accomplished and ready for the day (like coffee).
9. Where is one place you want to visit that you haven’t been before?
Oh, goodness. I’ve always wanted to travel to England. I’ve been to the U.K. before—Northern Ireland, to be exact—but never to England! But that’s just one of many places I’d like to travel to!
10. Choose: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons or Zombies?
Well, one more thing to know about me—I’m terrible at making decisions about things like this—I am going to go with werewolves because Professor Lupin is a werewolf and he’s pretty badass.
Bonus Question: How prepared are you for the Zombie Apocalypse I’ve ordered?
I’m probably not prepared at all. I’ll most likely be the first to die.
Isnt she great?!?! And dont worry Britta, I’ll start prepping you for that Zombie Apocalypse!! :D
Thank you so much for taking part, and keep on blogging!

Monday, February 23, 2015

A blip on the radar


Sorry I’ve seemed to drop off the radar a little. Things abound!

Lets see…we will have SPOTLIGHTS this week!!! YAY and thank you to those who signed up!

Lets see…Oh, I did something stupid. I mean, its for the good of my lovely purple tresses, but I hate it. I…got a haircut. Like, two full inches. And bangs. What possessed me to do that is beyond me. I hate the little fringy over my forehead. You’d think after being alive this long, and the tormenting hair cuts my mother would give me as a child would have made me aware that I look best when my hair is all one length pretty much. Blech. And now, when I look down…like, at my bewbs…I cant see my lovely purple locks resting over them. My hair is just above my shoulders now. HATE IT!

Lets see…I’ve made a HUGE decision on my arrangement of my house that I am TOTALLY EXCITED for…however, with that total excitement comes TOTAL PAIN IN THE ASS!!! I have a large sunken den, which, when the original owners of the house (who are my closest neighbors now) built, it was a garage, and they converted it. I’ve just been using it for storage space. Yeah…pack-ratting. So sue me. :P

So I decided…’hey, I want a HUGE home office instead of just using this little bedroom…I’m going to swap rooms!’. Yeah, I know, I’m an idiot. I’ve got about 30% of the moving around, tossing out of junk and repacking stuff done. The biggest thing will be moving my main desk. Its one big solid desk and hutch, and the hutch doesn’t detach. When I moved into this house, like, forever ago, it took three big strapping men to move it, and even they were whining. ~head-desks~.

I’ve been working on things, so yeah, I kind of blipped off the radar a little. I’m trying to get the swap done as quick as I can so I can get back to what I love, which is writing and oozing affection over my fat cat. (Fat cat does not like the sudden changes going on around the house, I will add. Especially when I bring out ‘VAWCCUUUMMM’)

In my little gaming world…well, there’s nothing much to report there. I’ve put a few bigger RPs on the back burner, just sticking to writing with those who send me short little RPs. I’m trying to teach them how to really develop their storytelling skills.

With this moving around things in my house, I may be without good internet for a few days. The internet line is in here, in the ‘old’ office. I don’t know if the WiFi on my computer will pick up the signal in the ‘new’ office since it’s on the other side of the house. I’m putting in a call to arrange for my line to be moved though, but you know how things can get, get put on a waiting list and whatnot. I have to say though, my cable/ISP is pretty reliable and quick.

OH! Look what my lovely daughter bought and presented to me. She brought it to me at the coffee shop a few days ago. All the girls got a chuckle out of it. I LOVE IT!!!!
I should have put something next to it so you could see the size of it. ITS HUGE!!! It will be my new coffee shop mug. ~nods~

So, my lovely visitors, that is an update. I’ll be back around Thursday with something to share, and new Spotlights on Friday!

Be sweet ya’ll!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Troubles in Zoe's little bubble


Well. The Spotlight seats will be empty this week, as no one has taken me up on my offer to help promote them a little. I have used up everyone I had on the back list and advertised to encourage a little more to come on over and share their works with us.




~crickets chirping~

I almost had one! But when they saw I was a horror genre, and planned to publish erotica as well, they pleasantly declined.

I tried to be clear…these Spotlights are for ANY genre…it doesn’t have to mesh with my own. I am just wanting to help people out. I invite bloggers, too.

You know what I have to say for it all? POOP!! Okay, not my word of choice, but I’m trying to behave myself at the moment.

Fat-cat has learned some new curse words over the last few days, that’s for sure.

Personal life isn’t going to well at all. Its in the crapper, really.

Professional life is okay. Not great, but not totally dead. I should run another book giveaway!
I’m going to be talking to the own of my beloved coffee shop this weekend. I saw him yesterday, but he was just too busy to have a conversation. The poor man had to take one of their machines apart and fix it.

ANYWAY…we’re pitching the idea of a joint venture. I supply the books. The deal is, we’ll advertise the hell out of, newspapers, local magazines, maybe radio…anyway, after we set a date and advertise it, when people come into the shop and purchase a LARGE SPECIALTY drink, they will get a voucher for $1.99 off a copy of my book, and the book will also be signed to them. Not a bad deal at all, huh? I don’t have to pay shipping costs on the soft cover book editions, so I’m not really out anything. And the coffee shop makes a profit. I get my name out there a little more.

well, like I said, my personal life is in the pooper. I’d share, but, yeahno.

Be sweet my lovelies. Hopefully some people will take advantage of the Spotlight once again. If is stays dead, I think I will replace it with something else. Who knows?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Woes of a Gamer


Oh, the woes of a gamer. Find a new game, or in my case, decide to create a new one since everything has gone kaput with the current ones….you have to come up with a good character name. Something unique, original, and that will suit what sort of ‘person’ you are trying to build.

I thought of making a male character, but in Role-play gaming, I can never really pull off a male swagger. I’ve tried. It was horrible.

So, now I am considering a new femme character in my favorite RP game, since one character has been dumped by her beloved in the critical stages of her storyline, and the ‘alt’ character I play, well, my RP partner there just does not have good writing skills. At all. I pretty much have to dumb things down a lot and shorten my style. But at least he’s pretty regular and it keeps me writing a decent storyline, despite the sub-par (by my standards) writing.

I don’t know why I don’t just stop RP gaming. I quit my last one because I’d been playing it over 12 years and just ran out of things for the character. She’d seen and done it all, pretty much. And now she’s being copied by newbies who cant create an original idea. I guess I should be flattered.

But this new game I play is very different in both the gaming style and the Role-play. I like it, but man, are the other players fickle and unreliable.

So, back to thinking up a new character. Oh. Joy. Do I really want to start from square one again? What sort of person do I want her to develop in to? What species do I want to even make her? The good, or the bad?

Decisions, decisions.

~head explodes~

Sunday, February 15, 2015


valentine (1)

Yup, pretty much summed up my Valentines Day to a T.


However, I don’t think I can love anyone as much as my fat-cat furball. She accepts me for who I am and like most animals, loves me unconditionally.

I heart my fat-cat.

Friday, February 13, 2015

GoFundMe No More

I’ve deleted my GoFundMe  page. Not a single penny donated. Imma loser.
I’ll keep the PayPal donation button here on my sidebar of the site though. Any little bit helps, even though only one generous precious person has donated 5bux.
Did I not advertise enough? Did I not tweet enough? Did I not grovel enough?
Who knows.
I do know that this bottle of Japanese Plum wine, so elegantly served in a mason jar has given me a ‘to hell with it’ attitude.
I guess the dreaded Valentines day thing inst helping. Feeling like a total loser at this point. Book isn’t doing well, life isn’t doing well, home isn’t doing well, finances aren’t doing well. But…I guess that’s life, and its not exclusive to me. Many people the world over are in my same spot. They probably don’t have a prescription for Klonopin, Hydrocodone and a big bottle of Japanese Plum wine and a mason jar to ease their sorrows.
I’m going to go sit in a corner and wallow. Wallowing is good. Wallowing is safe. Wallow, wallow, wallow.
Ah well, maybe some lovely person will come along and sweep my worries away…before the wine does…lol.
Oh, contest update..only 1 book left up for grabs!

Clattering Keyboard: Spotlight: Author/Playwright Damian Trasler

Clattering Keyboard: Spotlight: Author/Playwright Damian Trasler: We welcome our first playwright this week! Exciting for me! Welcome Damian Trasler! We're going to get my silly questions out of t...

Spotlight: Author/Playwright Damian Trasler

We welcome our first playwright this week! Exciting for me!
Dim reads
Welcome Damian Trasler!
We're going to get my silly questions out of the way before digging into the good meat of things!!!
10 Questions, Zoe style...
1. What is your writing process?
I sit at the keyboard and then make coffee. Then I sit at the keyboard and drink coffee. Then I look at the internet and drink coffee. At some point, usually while one of my kids has required me to go and sit in a cold ice rink for an hour, I write the words that are pounding round my head and then feel ridiculously pleased with myself. Sometimes those words are a play script that I send to my publisher, www,

2. What do you read for pleasure?
I love Science Fiction, and am a particular fan of John Scalzi, but any well-written book is good. I prefer it if the story carries the weight – literary books have no merit if they are all art and no matter. That’s what Polonius said*

3. What is the greatest joy of writing/blogging for you?
Embarrassingly, the greatest joy of writing is writing. Like many people, I find it hard to commit to getting the story out of my head, and I will whine and wheedle and prevaricate, but once the thing is done I am delighted. Getting other people to read it is a bonus joy, but the main thing is typing “The End” or “Curtain” and knowing that an idea has become a real thing.

4. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I was born while Elvis Presley was still alive, and before Star Wars existed. Hard to believe, I know, but there was such a time. I grew up in England, moving around a lot and gaining three children and a wife (not in that order) before emigrating to Canada. We did that because life was too easy, and we wanted more stress. Or something. Anyway, we ended up in British Columbia, which was created to make up for Australia.

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes down to sitting down and writing?
My weakness is sitting down and writing. I could prevaricate for England, except I wouldn’t get around to it. On the other hand, I have a neat little netbook which is painfully slow for anything but running Word, so when I go away or out to a sports event or music lesson with my offspring, I can get some actual work done. The strength is something other people have found – when I really enjoy the story I’m writing, I don’t notice the time or the distractions. It’s fun to write.

6. Do you have any strange writing habits?
Once, long ago, we went to a Greek island (Kefalonia) and my wife took our only baby at the time for a day trip to the capital city. She told me to just hang out at the local bar and write all day. I drank three small beers, ate a burger with fries and wrote longhand in a notebook while the crystal blue sea washed the sands only a few feet away. I really, really wish that was a habit I could maintain.

7. What is your least favorite part of the publishing / writing/blogging process?
Editing. I hate rewriting. Hate it with a burning passion. I have yet to find any method that makes it feasible for me to review an entire piece of work without printing it out and going through it with a pen. Which is just stupid. I believe this attitude may be detected in my published e-books.

8. Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point?
I make the bed. It’s a duvet, one flump and you’re done. That makes it so much nicer when you crawl back into bed hours later, wondering if you accomplished anything at all, or whether it was just one fourteen-hour long scream.

9. Where is one place you want to visit that you haven't been before?
I have so little ambition when it comes to travel. I’m taking my wife to New York for our wedding anniversary (despite a fervent wish never to see the place myself) and I’m going back to the only place I want to go – Lucasfilm Headquarters in San Francisco. Just to look. Certainly not to badger anyone I see about this Boba Fett movie script I have….

10. Choose: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons or Zombies?
Zombies. Slow moving, stupid , lurching losers.

Bonus Question: How prepared are you for the Zombie Apocalypse I've ordered?
I’m good. I wrote “Eddie and the Kingdom” because I think a lot about surviving the zombie apocalypse. It’s not the zombies you have to watch out for, it’s the other survivors.
*This is me showing off my education. (Host note: LOVE INSIGHT AND HUMOR!)
Now! On to the good stuffs!
In his own words:
I was born and raised in England but moved to Canada with my family in 2009. I’ve been a published playwright since 2000, winning a few awards and having my plays performed all over the world. I published some of my old short stories to see how hard it was to use Amazon’s KDP program, and now I’ve reached a total of seven e-books. My next one will be the second “Eddie and the Kingdom” book, “Murder in the Kingdom”
You can find Damian on his website
His line-up of great work can be found on Amazon, just click the pic to be magically swept away!
Great Canadian cover
Thank you so much Damian, enjoy the Spotlight and best of luck in all your future endeavors!!

Spotlight: Author Team HL Carpenter

LorriHelen for Web
Mother/Daughter Team HL Carpenter

This is a first for me. A writing team, mom and daughter to boot! Lets give them a warm welcome!

Florida-based mother/daughter duo HL Carpenter writes sweet, clean fiction that is suitable for everyone in your family. The Carpenters write from their studios in Carpenter Country, a magical place that, like their stories, is unreal but not untrue. When they’re not writing, the Carpenters enjoy exploring the Land of What-If and practicing the fine art of Curiosity. Visit to enjoy gift reads and excerpts and to find out what’s happening in Carpenter Country.
10 Questions, Zoe style…

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi, Zoe! Thanks so much for inviting us to share your blog space today.
We’re Helen and Lorri Carpenter, a Florida-based mother/daughter duo. We write together as HL Carpenter. We work in our studios in Carpenter Country, a magical place that, like our stories, is unreal but not untrue. In addition to being multi-generational writers, we’re also multi-genre writers. We like variety!

2. What is your writing process?
Our writing process—hmm. Have you ever read the poem The Railway Train by Emily Dickinson? That describes our writing process beautifully.
In less lyrical terms, typically a phrase from a newspaper article or a line from a poem or an interesting image starts our imagination train. From there, we chug along through what we call the “steam-building” stage, where we think about what would happen if…
Then we fuel up by preparing a character sheet, followed by a summary of each chapter that provides a general guide for the journey.
When the summary is finished, we take off with the writing. We pass the story back and forth, gathering momentum, until we reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
Once a book is done, we set it aside for a cooling-off period, then we revise, revise, revise.
Oh, and if you haven’t read the poem, here it is (it’s in the public domain):
The Railway Train by Emily Dickinson
I like to see it lap the miles,
And lick the valleys up,
And stop to feed itself at tanks;
And then, prodigious, step
Around a pile of mountains,
And, supercilious, peer
In shanties, by the sides of roads;
And then a quarry pare
To fit its sides, and crawl between,
Complaining all the while
In horrid, hooting stanza;
Then chase itself down hill
And neigh like Boanerges;
Then, punctual as a star,
Stop–docile and omnipotent–
At its own stable door.

3. What do you read for pleasure?
We read a lot of fiction of all types. We read poetry too, as you may have noticed. We also read instruction manuals, which seem like fiction to us because they seldom match the actual process required to assemble the item purchased. And sometimes we read the dictionary for fun, though mostly we do that when we’re trying to cheat at Scrabble. :) We’re big fans of words.

4. What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The possibilities at the beginning of each story and the challenge of bringing those possibilities to light.
As an example, our satirical short story, The Demise of Fyne Literature, started out as a writing challenge from graphic artist Kelly Shorten. Kelly found a photo she loved so much that she sponsored a contest. We were intrigued with both the possibilities and the challenge, and we were delighted to win the contest and have our story published.
This is the photo that inspired Kelly and us.
Your imagination is jumping up and down now too, right?

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to sitting down and writing?
The strength is easy to answer—having a partner. Knowing someone is waiting for the next story installment is great incentive, as is the fact that there’s no worry about getting stuck. When either of us reaches a stopping point, we pass the work to the other. When it comes back, the next scene provides a springboard to move on.
The weakness is that we’re fairly slow writers. We’re turtles in a hare-hurry world.

6. Do you have any strange writing habits?
The only one we can think of is that we don’t actually sit down to write. We both work standing up. But that’s not strange. Is it? Say no.

7. What is your least favorite part of the publishing/writing/blogging process?
Having to let go of a story. There’s always one more sentence that could be worded better or a scene that could be described differently or an epiphany that could be expressed more clearly or…well, you get the idea.
We’re fighting that tendency right now, with a cozy mystery we finished at the end of last year, A Cause for Murder. We’ve been through edits, we have the cover, we’re ready to publish…, and we just discovered one more change we want to make. We’re determined to get the book out this month. Our hero, Emma Twiggs, deserves her day in the Amazon sunshine!

8. Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point?
Bed makers, definitely. Life’s pleasures start with attending the details.

9. Where is one place you want to visit that you haven’t been before?
Mars. We’re ready to help colonize a new planet.

10. Choose: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons or Zombies?
We always want to be the cavalry-to-the-rescue. Can we be demons-gone-good?

Bonus Question: How prepared are you for the Zombie Apocalypse I’ve ordered?
Locked and loaded, with a cupboard full of canned spaghetti.
This mighty duo can be found on:

The duo has offered up one particular book for Spotlighting, but, me being me, did my homework and will also provide covers and links (click the covers) for their other works as well. Now, on to the Spotlight book!
Dream Stealer
(Click pic to be taken to buy page)
Dream Stealer Cover final
Ever wonder what became of the dreams you once had? Fancy Moonstruck can tell you.
Fancy is supposed to steal dreams. It’s what her family does for a living, and now that she’s fifteen, the job is hers.
It’s a job she’d rather not have. She knows first-hand what dreams mean to the dreamer because she dreams of her mom, who died five years ago. Losing her dream would be like losing her mom all over again. That’s a pain Fancy doesn’t want to inflict on anyone.
But the rules are clear: Steal a dream—or lose her own.

G-Rated excerpt from Dream Stealer:
Another moment and the dream will be gone.
The winter sea breeze brushes my hair from my face, its cold caress as light as the layer of fear I wear like my dark hoodie, and as soft as my shallow breathing. In the way of every good thief, I take care that the whispery puff of my breath is the only sound I make.
Though I’m not touching the fleeing dream, it kisses my mind, sticky as a spider’s web. I stand still, wide-awake in the hush of the two a.m. darkness, staring at the pulsing silver sliver. The external details are breathtaking: the shivering tendrils of longing; the filaments of hope, quivering like the strings of a harp. They float through the window of the ramshackle beach cottage where Mrs. Hooper sleeps, reaching upward with fog-thin fingers, anchored within her heart, searching for the sky.
Mrs. Hooper’s dream is one of love-longing, and I peek inside as it sways above me, though I’m not supposed to. The Dream Buyers pay well for dreams of love-longing, and they pay especially well for dreams untouched by us Stealers.
Even so, I can’t stop myself from lingering inside the dream. I spend precious seconds there, warming myself in the heat of Mrs. Hooper’s longing for the love of her son, before drawing back into the chill of the night’s reality, and my work in it. I fumble to release the dream catcher, which dangles from my belt on a leather cord, then grasp the handle of the delicate, tightly-woven net. I focus on the hours of practice runs I went over with Dad. I need only reach out now, and my very first dream-stealing excursion will end in success.
And I will keep my family safe.
I must do this. Yet I hesitate. Dad says Mrs. Hooper will never miss her dream. Is it possible he’s wrong? I dream a similar love-longing dream myself, every night, and I know what it means to me—the same as this dream must mean to Mrs. Hooper.
If I’m right, I cannot take it from her.
I must take it.
I must…

The lovely teams other works! Just click the pics to be taken to the buy pages for summaries!

demise 51GTUXYyW8L._UY250_51x0aARQpTL._UY250_ 513HIrNFkSL._UY250_ 514OmBhn9SL._UY250_ 

Thank you ladies, for allowing me to Spotlight you and share your works!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Clattering Keyboard: VALENTINES GIVEAWAY!! PLAY TO WIN!: I’m proud to host a Giveaway just in time for Valentines Day! Go to Amazon Giveaways (


Book cover small

I’m proud to host a Giveaway just in time for Valentines Day!

Five lucky winners will win a free soft-cover copy of The Road of Darkness!
Certainly not your typical vampire story. Vampires, voodoo, war and even a little Samurai action. Blood, guts and more voodoo! Maybe a smidge of romance, but when you’re as rotten as Addison, romance isn’t high on the list. Hearts are fun for her though…so…that’s in the spirit of Valentines day…right?

Come join the fun and best of luck to all entrants!!

giveaway will expire on Feb 19, 2015 11:59 PM PST
Only residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia will be eligible to enter.
Prizes will be shipped to winners via Standard Shipping (3-5 business days)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mailing lists???

~sigh~ I feel incredibly old tonight. Like, ‘hit young whipper-snappers with a stick’ old. Or ‘bite someone’ old. No one gets mad at a little old lady. I mean, in all honesty, when I’m a little old lady, massive groping of young mens perky behinds is the plan, cuz, yanno, who is gonna admonish an little old pervy lady?

Anyway…on to a topic I need help with. Okay, there’s lots of those, but we’ll stick to one tonight…

Okay, I admit the whole social media thing still throws me for a loop at times. Someone suggested I place a mailing list sign up on my site. ‘A wha…??’ was my response. There may have been some idiotic drooling, too. Sometimes that just happens naturally.

Anyway…so I read up on it and my first thought was ‘wouldn’t people get annoyed to get emails from me about this or that?’ and then I thought ‘well, if they were interested in my book, the upcoming books, and any promotions they might’.

So now I am researching ‘mailing list’ thingy-ma-jigs. Anyone use them? Anyone have suggestions? I’m shooting for ‘free, but nice and user friendly’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys and gals.

Special treat tomorrow hopefully…a short story that was inspired months ago by a post. Weeeee!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Music in the Writing world

I read an interesting article on writing over the weekend that suggested that you DON’T listen to music when you’re writing. It suggested that you just listen to the ambient sounds around you. If your in a coffee shop, listen to the idle chatter or TV, at home, just listen to the sounds of the home. Conversations, etc.
Poop I say! The article implied that listening to your favorite tunes distracted you from your writing, rather than relax and inspire. That the music pulled your attention too much.
Perhaps its simply personal opinion and comfortability. Maybe its your choice in music. The article didn’t say what sort of music to not listen to.
When I write, most of my music is movie scores, classical and instrumental. No lyrics. I can see how bee-bopping to lyrics could pull your attention a little, but really, if you love what you listen to, it can inspire you past rough points. Right now I am listening to Sia. My writing is coming along just fine. When I start working on Book Two here in a few minutes, I’m switching to a more mellow playlist to suit the mood of the chapter I’m working on. It needs to be emotion provoking. Sad, sorrowful.
My playlist is actually divided up that way. By emotions. If I need inspiration for a fight scene, well, I put on some powerful battle march type of music.
The uses in your writing with music are endless. That article was pooh in my opinion. And it wasn’t a ‘suggestion’ article. It said DON’T do this…DON’T do that.
And well…I’m a rebel dammit!! ~shakes a fist~

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A little Help please. :(

Okay my lovely peeps. I am in need of some reviews for my book The Road of Darkness. Amazon is offering it for a dollar off, and Google is offering at almost 1.50 off right now. But really, if you are really really really interested and can provide a pretty quick review and post to all the leading sites, I will send a free copy of either the pdf or epub version, your choice.
Things aren’t going well. I know, I know, I haven’t given it much time. But at the same time, I haven’t been able to do any powerhouse marketing and advertising either, because most of it costs and arm, leg and first born. The ‘free’ stuff isn’t as free as they let on. And I’ve submitted to free review sites, but they want like 3-6 months. Cripes! The next book will be out by My PayPal Donation button has yielded me an entire $5. and my GoFundMe $0.
~sigh~ Am I rushing things? Honestly, I know I am not the most patient person in the world. I was absent that day when patience was handed out. I stood in the boob line twice. >_>
Anywho. If anyone would like to help me out, email me at, or
Thank you lovelies!

Sick lil me

I’ve had a rough weekend.
My jaw/ear have been killing me with the arthritis. I have just been dealing with the pain, distracting myself. I haven’t been able to get any writing done however. Its stressing me that I’m not working on Book Two.
I have gotten myself in the Vortex of Doom and watch Firefly and Serenity though, seeing as they have such a big cult following and raving fans wanting the show back. Its not half bad, but I think with the release of Serenity, I’m satisfied enough.
I’m in the middle of watching the Robocop remake. I cant focus because I just feel ick. The pain is gone, but the hydrocodone mixed with all my other meds, on top of an empty stomach beforehand, has left my poor tummy a wreck. I have since eaten a croissant, and I’m having a bit of coffee, though I am being careful on the coffee intake. I plan a nap soon. I hate having an upset stomach. I would rather have a blinding headache. I’m a wuss when it comes to tummy aches.
So, back to movies. I watched ‘Horns’ on Friday night. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Currently my head is splitting in two, I think. The pain in my jaw and ear is gone, but I only slept for maybe 3 hours. And that’s with taking Ambien on top of it all. So a nap is definitely called for.
I know I am being hard on myself, but I feel really let down that I haven’t gotten more accomplished with my book than I have. I know I have plenty of time. I planned a spring/summer release for it, and its only February.
I guess I’m just in one of those down places again.
Fat cat is being as adorable as ever. She is currently under my drafting table where I lovingly set up a little box and blankies for her, and opened the blinds so she can watch the lizards and birdies on the front porch, while also soaking up the sunshine.
And speaking of lizards…or mice maybe…I think one has died behind my desk. There is a strange ick molding/dead-thing odor. My desk is so big (takes 4 big strong men to lift) and goes from floor to ceiling, with a backboard, so you cant get to the wall. The smell is coming from behind the filing cabinet portion. Fat cat had been really interested in it a few days ago, I thought nothing of it. There are so many wires and what not shoved back there.
If I knew 4 big strapping men I’d be having them clear the whole thing out. I had the fleeting thought I swapping rooms with my daughter room anyway. But, I’m just one small girl, and so is she, and her boyfriend is about the size of a pencil. No help there.
Hopefully with a little more rest I can carve out a new writing schedule and start feeling accomplished again.
I’ve also been considering sharing some of my shorter RP stories with you all. They would be broken up, of course. If you like the horror/romance genre, you might find them interesting. I don’t know the limits on what sort of erotica/smut I can post on WP, or I may post some of that if people wanna see hot vamp action…lol.
I hope you all are having good weekends out there, and I have been enjoying some great blogs! Sorry mine is a bit lame right now. Please don’t take it out back and shoot it. >_<

Friday, February 6, 2015

Spotlight - Chris from Living The Dream

chris bowie
I met Chris here on WordPress and he runs a great blog. He’s had his ups and downs, but in this life, who doesnt? He’s coming through marvelously though, and kudos to him for his positive outlook on things!
He was sweet enough to humor me with my silly questions, then I encourage you all to check out his page!
1. What is your writing process?
I tend to just start writing. I may think of something throughout the day and
Make a note of in my phone to go back and write that evening. Whatever
Crosses my path that I find or think interesting.
2. What do you read for pleasure?
I read many different books. I like the cheesy detective story that hits the
Bestseller list weekly. I love historical fiction. Ken Follett is my favorite.
3. What is the greatest joy of writing/blogging for you?
The blog allows me to vent. It allows me to put thoughts and words down that I
Normally would not verbalize. It gives me an outlet. Plus I have met some very
Very interesting people from blogging.
4. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Sure… As you can read on my blog. I am a divorced father of two teenage girls.
Under the cover of darkness I save innocent people from the evils of mankind.
During the day I work a normal job.
5. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes down to sitting down and writing?
I feel my strength is that I just openly share my fears, failures, thoughts, and
Emotions. I don’t cover anything up. I don’t try and sound like I have the
Answers. I am what one might call brutally honest about me.
I feel my weakness is that I am too wordy.
6. Do you have any strange writing habits?
Not really. Usually set alarm for 4:30 AM and drink coffee, ready news, and
Write blog entries after I get out of shower. I then leave for work at 5:45. I also
Tend to write blogs very late at night. When everything has settled down.
7. What is your least favorite part of the publishing / writing/blogging process?
Not having anything to talk about. I think my day has been a failure if I can’t
Share something!
8. Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point?
I make my bed every morning. It’s a ritual. Read a blog entry I posted about
This from a graduation speaker.
9. Where is one place you want to visit that you haven’t been before?
Fargo, North Dakota
10. Choose: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons or Zombies?
Wolverines??? I like their healing ability. No, I enjoy the Zombies. The
Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows.
Bonus Question: How prepared are you for the Zombie Apocalypse I’ve ordered?
I’m ready. I have a loaded shotgun in my living room, multiple knives throughout the house, a Scottish Claymore sword hanging on the wall. I also have a .38 revolver and a PK-9 in my house. Plus a few cans of beans. I’m ready.
Thank you so much for taking the time to engage our readers and take part in my little interview!!
Go on over and pay him a visit! Tell’im Zoe sent ya! ;) Living the Dream

Spotlight - Gerald Freeman

I dont believe
(Click image for direct to buy)

This week we welcome Gerald Freeman into the Spotlight.

Gerald Freeman is English and lives in Portugal with his wife and two dogs, where he writes and creates sculptures that reflect his time spent on the planet. He has traveled extensively and he believes that by sharing our experiences we make each other stronger. His main goal with both his creative outlets is to inspire people to follow their dreams and not settle for anything less than they truly desire. I Don’t Believe God Wrote The Bible is the second book in a series of memoirs called Get A Life.
Book Summary: After a near-fatal drug overdose in the late 1980s, Gerry Freeman leaves England in search of a better life and spiritual awakening. While hitchhiking around the South of France, he and his friend Jan meet an eclectic mix of carefree hippies, dashing celebrities, and kind-hearted strangers.
Wine and parties abound—on the streets and beaches, wherever they find themselves—but the good times often come at the price of begging and having to steal food to survive.
Past mental and physical abuse haunts Gerry, but he begins to realize happiness is a choice. Sometimes it takes a journey that spans lazing on the beaches of the French Riviera, harvesting grapes in the serene hills of wine country, and washing dishes at a ski resort in the Alps to learn answers that lurked inside all along. Anyone can start caring again.
Now, on to my questions!! :D
10 Questions, Zoe style…
1. What is your writing process?
My writing process has been ongoing for thirty years. Since I left home at fifteen and went traveling I have been noting down thoughts and experiences along the way, knowing that one day I would be settled enough to actually put them all together and write some books. That time came when I hit forty and got married, finding myself happy, secure and a little bored of living back in society I began to write my books.
2. What do you read for pleasure?
I very rarely read fiction for pleasure anymore. I like real life, or books based on true events. Philosophical books are also something that interests me, I like to see how other people think and hopefully find someone I who agrees with the way I think, at least in part.
3. What is the greatest joy of writing/blogging for you?
The greatest joy and satisfaction comes from knowing someone has read one of my books and it has actually changed the way they think about something, or even educated them about an aspect of life they are unfamiliar with. A great example of this was from my first book Kill daddy , which takes place in Africa, living with Rastas. At least two readers said they would never look at people with dreadlocks in the same light again, and would start to try and understand people instead of immediately judging them-Punks and Goths included!
4. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I left home at fifteen and went traveling around the world in search of new experiences and a life which appealed to me. Nothing I had been shown in school inspired me and quite frankly I had no idea how to fill up all my time on the planet. As soon as I’d left the constraints of a not very caring family, I discovered the enormity of the world and my philosophy and way of thinking changed completely. I gladly discovered that there could never be enough years in a life to do all the things I wanted to do. I also found out that I did not have to get a boring job I didn’t like and become an economical slave for the rest of my life. I have become a writer, part time teacher and a sculptor, all things I dreamed of doing- I look back on my life, I am forty-eight, satisfied, or rather, ecstatic that I’ve followed my heart and realized as many of my dreams as possible.
5. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes down to sitting down and writing?
My strengths would be that I never run out of things to say and that I have taken on board everything I have learnt in my first year of being a published author, so as to make this book the absolute best it can be. Weaknesses would have to be that I drink too much and smoke too much, drugs and alcohol were my crutches for many years as I couldn’t shake off some of the horrible memories from my childhood. Ironically, it is now that I have completed this book that I have actually stopped, and it is now just the dreaded nicotine sticks I have left to vanquish.
6. Do you have any strange writing habits?
Well, I don’t write standing on my head, or while I’m jogging, so I guess not. I do all the usual from writing on the bus, train, in restaurants, cafés and bars. Borrowing pens whenever the need strikes from complete strangers and running out of a room mid conversation to grab a piece of paper to write something down are all things normal writers do, I think.
7. What is your least favorite part of the publishing / writing/blogging process?
I don’t have a least favorite part, I have actually enjoyed every step of the way-if I had to say one thing it would be the lack of money to be able to market my books fully and gain the exposure publishing houses can afford.
8. Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point?
Absolutely, although my wife gets up after me, so she usually does it. I have to have order in my house, I am a little Feng Shui in that sense. My mind and my subconscious feels more relaxed when the house is clean and clear from confusion. However, my writing room is organized chaos.
9. Where is one place you want to visit that you haven’t been before?
I would love to go to Canada and visit the forests and lakes, maybe find a werewolf or two. The vastness and the sense of space there would be exhilarating for me and I’d like to rent a house and go fishing in the lakes every day for six months or more. Also boating and water skiing, the list goes on- Canada is my dream destination.
10. Choose: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons or Zombies?
Definitely werewolves because I love animals and am quite a pagan at heart!
Where to find Gerald?
Geralds other work can be found here…
(Click image for direct to buy)

Trauma from the past becomes a part of who you are. It weighs down on the present, suffocating life and preventing you from healing and moving on. If you continue to carry this baggage around long enough, you will eventually become who you are not. Believe in the essential goodness of your true self, however, and you will accept the past, but let go of the burden and finally become the real you. This is the story of one man’s struggle to accept the past and move on before it destroys everything he is and could ever hope to be. In desperation Gerry flees society to save his sanity and ends up in the remote villages of East Africa. Midst the poverty, he encounters hope and more love than he could imagine. Will it be enough to save him? Can he repair the damage done to him in his childhood or will his abusers win in the end?

Thank you very much for taking the time for my crazy little interview Gerry!!! :D Best of luck to you in all your endeavors!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Little furry set-backs

And this is why I’ve gotten next to nothing accomplished today.
How can I disturb this?
This adorable lil wench taking up all my space.
Seriously, I got nothing done today. I will admit to being in some pain today and broke down and took my hydrocodone. It leaves me pretty listless and useless.
I need to work on this weeks Spotlights.
Tomorrow is shopping day. Oh. Joy. Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Publix for groceries. Ick. All those people. However, I’m getting up early to do it all to hopefully avoid the bulk of the masses. I need two new tires and brakes for my beast of a truck, and that will leave me without a vehicle for the weekend. Boo.
I’m well stocked on coffee and sweetened condensed milk though. I’ll survive.
Spotlights should be up by morning! If you’re in this weeks Spotlight, expect an email! :D

Just a smidge of writing

So, not too long ago, I entered into a little writing contest. I didn’t win the contest, or even make it into the top ten, but I still feel a great sense of pride in what I wrote, because of the challenge of it all.
I complain endlessly about how I cant write ‘flash fiction’ and ‘short stories’. Well, this little contest was to write a story based solely on a picture, using 750 words or less. That’s, like, wow, for me.
So, here is the picture and what I came up with and wrote for it. Enjoy!
Blue Key tag
by Zoe Ambler
I was fumbling for something in my purse when I noticed them. A set of keys, lying lonesome on the sidewalk. I looked up, looking for the closest person.
A spied a man in blue jeans and a pair of what looked like combat boots. I reached down to the keys, scooping them up as I slung my purse strap over my shoulder.
I called to him, catching his attention. It took a moment. When you’re out on the sidewalk, hearing someone calling out, no one is really sure who is being called.
But I waved to him, keys in hand. He stopped, his confusion clear on his face. He was young and pretty handsome. He immediately began patting down the pockets of his jeans before slumping his shoulders and giving a chuckle.
I looked at the keys as we made the short walk between us.
The blue key tag. I looked at it a bit more close. It was just a cheap plastic tag, but it had gold colored inking on it. One side displayed a symbol, sort of rounded. NA. The other side said ‘Clean and Serene for Six Months.’
It took a few seconds of turning it over in my head as we made our way to one another. NA. Clean and Serene. NA.
I looked to the fellow again. He was quite young or appeared so.
NA. Clean and Serene.
It clicked. Narcotics Anonymous. This young man was a recovering addict. Clean for six months, or so his blue key tag claimed.
I inspected the young man closer then. He didn’t seem the type to be an addict. Clean cut and shaven. Well dressed.
As we came closer to one another, I offered a cordial smile. He returned the smile. He held a bit of a blush to his cheeks as he thanked me for finding the dropped keys.
His hazel eyes seemed out of place on his face. They seemed older. They didn’t belong.
I handed over his keys; we smiled and parted ways.
He and his blue key tag stayed with me for a while however.
I couldn’t help but wonder what he had gone through. What was his story? What made him turn to drugs? He had army boots on. Perhaps he was a veteran? He was pretty young but still old enough to serve. I had heard some guys coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq having a hard time coping. The military or veterans affairs just didn’t seem to do enough for their vets.
Maybe that wasn’t the case at all. Maybe he had fallen in with the wrong crowd at some point, and his reform was part of something court ordered.
Maybe he was mentally ill, and tried self-medicating to deal with things.
I’d never know.
I turned around, to see if he was still around, but didn’t see him anywhere. It was kind of silly to think he might still be lingering around. It was pretty rude of me to even entertain the thought of just approaching him. Rude to just start striking up a conversation on something that would seem so deeply personal.
His eyes. Oh, how misplaced they seem on his face.
I thought about the young man with the blue key tag on his key ring for days. I don’t know why. So many questions seemed to stem from one simple, innocent plastic blue key tag.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The complication of cats

Trying to get some work done. Fat Cat is in my face. On my desk, grooming herself. I move her. She cries. I get dressed, she cries even more because she knows me getting dressed means I’m going out.
Let the howling commence.
Talk about a guilt trip.
But, she wasn’t letting me get any work done. Total distraction with her cuteness. So I packed up to come to the coffee shop. Its blessedly peaceful here. And nobody is licking their butts. That’s always a plus.
I have to do something about fat cats dependence on me. I mean, its so frikkin sweet, but I worry about her when I go on extended absences. I want to get away, go to the beach for the weekend, and I just don’t want it filled with worry over fat cat.
My poor precious kitty.
Its really cold today. Like, in the 40’s. And it looks like it just may rain. Its just an all around crappy looking day outside. I wont stay at the coffee shop long. Its nice and warm in here, but unusually busy and noisy. My headphone aren’t blocking everything out.
I found some chapters of book two that need to be totally rewritten. Oh. Joy. All part of the process though, I guess.
WP is giving me fits. It wont let me reblog sometimes. I’m not a big ‘reblogger’, but when I find something outstanding, I’d like to share it. Someone suggested it was because they switched hosts, but I haven’t. Everything is based on WP for me.
At least my ‘like’ button still works. I like to let people know they are being read and appreciated. I should comment more than I do. Its a self confidence thing for me. I’m afraid of making an ass out of myself. Not like I don’t do that naturally. >_>
Well, off to dig into book two now. Its not going to massacre itself!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gaining Ground

I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I managed to edit, just spelling, grammar and punctuation mind you, TEN whole chapters of Book Two. AND write an extra chapter. GO ME!
I’m not rushing this book. I mean, I figured on a summer release time, so I have plenty of time to massacre, erm, I mean edit and revise.
But I finally feel like I’m not slacking. AND all my journals are up to date.
I’m not going to be able to lounge at the coffee shop to work much this week. The truck still has to go back into the shop for tires and brakes.
My head is all abuzz with wonderful little add-ins on the Book though. Things that will bring other things to light more, flesh things out more, and tidy things up a bit.
Now, for an update on fat cat since I haven’t talked about her in a bit.
She has a lovely new hot pink collar and bells. You see, fat cat requires two bells on her collar, because, well, SHE’S THE DEVIL…and I must know where she is and what she is into at all times. But then, on the funnier side, if I am not in her eye sight or she cant find me, she cries like a baby until I at least holler to her and give her a sense that I’m still here in the house with her. Titty-baby much? If I go to the front porch to smoke, I can hear her in here crying for me. I holler through my office window at her and she’s fine and dandy then. My precious lil weirdo.
Lately she has been sleeping with me again. Its a phase that comes and goes. And she sleeps in the most horrid spots. Like, on my chest, or in an awkward position on my knees that just riddles me with pain. But yanno, I never have the heart to move her, because she’s so comfy and at peace, purring softly, or, well, snoring like lumberjack.
I had another fleeting thought the other day of getting a kitten. Fat cat usually blows those thoughts out of the water. I brought a kitten home once. Fat cat tried to eat it. No, not really eat it, but she was way too aggressive.
On to other news.
The weekly Spotlights look like they may be winding down. I have posted to author groups in various places calling for authors and bloggers who would like to be interviewed and in the Spotlight, and, well, not many are stepping up anymore. One didn’t think my brand of interview was ‘serious’ enough. Well, excuse me, that’s the point. Just about everything I do has a bit of twisted humor. I like it to be fun. I like it to be far from the norm. I mean, authors usually get asked the same old questions over and over. At least my ten little questions are a little unique. Again, I like the humor I blend in as well. People need to pull the sticks outta their bums.
So without the Spotlights, I will probably come up with something else. Just something that keeps me working on something. I would say book reviews, but with working on editing my second book and still trying to promote the first, I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and read. And then there’s that Netflix Vortex of DOOM I keep getting sucked in to.
Perhaps I’ll start sharing some of my RPs from the gaming sites? The problem there is getting my other participants permission to post their writing and their bits of the storyline. Of course, I do have some stand alone stories. They are long, as they were written over time, based around the actual game play, so it would sort of have to be broken up into chapters. Well, I guess like a serial. In some, time skips ahead a bit, based on the actual game play at the time, whether my character has leveled up and gained new skills and whatnot. Its something to think about. What would you all say to seeing something like that?
I’m rambling now. Its almost 2am. I should try to go to bed, but man, I just am not tired in the least. And I don’t want to take my Ambien.
I’d work on editing more, but right now I cant seem to focus on it. I think I made good enough progress. I’ll start fresh after a nap, if I ever take one…lol.
Well, me and fat cat are going to cuddle. She had bitten me on the behind signaling she wishes me undivided attention.  ಠ_ಠ

Monday, February 2, 2015

I dont want to brain today, but I must

I have editing and revising to do. I dont feel like it. But honestly, I’ve been slacking and putting it off. The good side to it all, is that as I go through for revisions on Book Two, I have come up with more exciting material. Which means more words and chapters. More fleshing out of things.
I just dont want to brain today. And ~gasps~ some NEW person to the coffee shop is at my table, leaving me to work somewhere outside the norm. And she isn’t doing anything!! She’s playing…not working. ~sighs~ Such is the way when you like to work in a public place.
So I am hunkered down on the coffee shop sofa taking up the coffee table and leaning over painfully. Its the only other place with an outlet my laptop will reach.
Anyway, back to this head full of ideas. I’m excited for the new additional chapters I’ll be putting in the book. It will open things up a little more I think, give more depth. And more mystery. Who doesn’t love that?!
I will say though, I am wholly uncomfortable right now. When this chic goes, if I don’t go first, I am reclaiming my table. This sofa sucks.
I had a bit of a bright side though. I guess I seem kind of down. I warned you all days ago that I felt a depression coming on. A bipolar low. I’m fighting though it. But it didn’t go unnoticed to my barista. They know me so well here. She asked what was wrong, how she could help. I thought it was insanely sweet and caring. Having someone know you and your ways. It DID perk me up a little. It reminds me that I’m not alone…and in this coffee shop, this humble little place, I am not just a ‘customer’.
As I mentioned before, I am on the verge of a bipolar low. I can pretty much tell when they are coming on. Its the manic highs that catch me off guard. I’ve been taking my meds, keeping track, and eating well. Doing what I can.
I am listening to some fine music too. I’ve made a playlist of my favorite movie scores. I actually read this weekend that you SHOULDN’T listen to your favorite music while writing. The article said it was ‘distracting’. I find that totally untrue, at least in my case. My music sets the tone, sets the mood. Maybe its my morbid choice in music. And there are no lyrics. So its not like I’m bebopping to catchy songs. Just soothing movie scores. Orchestra pieces. The most vocal my music gets is Lisa Gerard. Love her.
Well, I better get my butt to work. I’m getting a late start today. I stayed up all night in the vortex of doom, and am paying for it now…lol.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Vortex of DOOM

Yes, its February 1st, and I seemed to have disappeared for a few days. And, well, probably for today for the most part too.
I’ve been sucked into the Netflix Vortex of DOOM!!!
But I don’t mind. I hit a wall on my book, and I have other aggravations going on in my life right now, that I just need to focus on something else…like being lazy and turning to ooze in front of the screen. And I keep getting interrupted ever 5 minutes. Its easy to put a movie on ‘pause’…not so much of a ‘pause’ button in your head when you are on a roll writing.
So far I have watched:
The Help, Easy A, Blade II, Gabriel, Valkyrie, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Snow White and the Huntsman, Orphan and Edge of Tomorrow (the DVD) and Fire with Fire.
Next on the lineup is The Bourne Legacy. Then maybe ZombieLand. I’ve really tried watching movies I haven’t seen before, like Easy A and Snow White, but I keep getting drawn back to old favorites.
I really want to watch Inglorious Basterds. Its one of my favorites. And Pacific Rim.
Can you tell I have a pretty wide scope on genre’s? I don’t like comedies much, or rom-coms, but sometimes the stars depend on whether I’ll watch them.
Well, back to business tomorrow. I have given myself permission to take some ‘me time’. Then back to work. I’m aiming for editing and cleaning up book two. Oh, and I actually wrote a new chapter for it the other day. Something inspired me. Now its just a matter of where to put it. Its very relevant to the flow of the story. I’m pleased with it. It needs to be worked on a little more. I just got the bulk of it out of my head.
ANYWHO…I’m off …back into the Vortex of DOOM. I wont be doing NaBloPoMo for February, so my Blogher account will be fairly quiet. Except for Spotlights…I’ll still post them there.
Anyway…back into the Vortex!!!