Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just of snippet of a thang

This is just something I wrote as I was thinking of my gaming character and her feelings and actions at the time. I may write more on it…I dunno. It may never go anywhere but here. Anywho…enjoy. :)
She had confronted him after hearing not a word from him in so long. So much silence, yet they lived in the same home. So much silence, especially for two who were just married mere months ago.
He didn’t even seem concerned for her recent absence. She definitely noticed his. His constant coming and going.
She asked if he was having an affair. That question seemed to irritate him.
She asked what happened to the man who used to leave her flowers, notes, snarky and witty comments…
She asked if he even cared what she was going through since this new life had been bestowed upon her. The transition was hard. So hard.
Instead of concern, he seemed to turn things around. His own concerns, his own problems, his own darkness and dark thoughts.
There was no emotion for her. No concern of her well being. No affection.
No love.
He said he’d see her later that night. She shook her head as she started walking away. “No, you won’t…” She had said.
He didn’t follow. He didn’t seem concerned in the least.
He might have well just shoved a blade in her heart and gave it a twist for good measure.
True to her word, she didn’t return ‘home’ that night.
She roamed. She was used to the night. She was comfortable in the darkness.
She went to a small pub, finding it blessedly empty for the most part. There were a few surly looking patrons watching some form of sport on the television above the bar.
She went to the tables, finding one that was nice and secluded. A waitress made her way through the empty tables and chairs to take her order. Blue eyes scanned the elder woman. She was probably the barkeeps wife. This looked like a family run establishment. It was very calm and homey.
“A bottle of tequila. Gold. Lemons and salt.” She said to the waitress. The woman gave a nod. “Okay honey, coming right up…” was all she said as she made her way back to the bar to fetch the order.
The liquor, fruit and salt was delivered and paid for, as well as a hefty tip to ensure she was left alone for the remainder of the evening.
She poured her first shot, licking her hand and placing a sprinkle of salt there before licking it off, kicking back the shot, then cramming the lemon wedge in her mouth, biting and pulling the meaty citrus fruit from the rind. She squint her eyes and scrunched her nose. Wow…nice.
She thought back to their first meeting. Despite her instant physical attraction to him, the two were more likely to kill one another than actually work together. But they pushed past that initial disdain for one another and worked on.
They overcame great things together.
He gave her a night of utter bliss. She lingered on that memory for a moment. The passion, the heat. The way their bodies moved together in fluid motion in that delightful dance. The pulsing, the pounding and the writhing. The heated kisses and the swollen lips. Their tongues had graced one another as if they had known each other since the dawn of time. Fingers explored and brought forth immense pleasures.
She suddenly became aware that she was sitting there blushing, but smiling faintly as well. She sighed, pouring another shot, lining it up like the first and taking it in.
When their mission was complete and they found themselves with this strange unique bond with one another, he took her home with him. ‘Their’ home. ‘Their’ bed.
But nothing felt like ‘theirs’ to her. It was all his. And everything was on his whim, his desire, his time.
Then complications arose from an outside matter. It was such bad timing.
She seemed to be pushed off to the side as he dealt with his own personal things, without so much as a single concern with how she was faring and coming to terms with the trials she had just faced.
So here she was, in a bar, sitting in a darkened corner trying to get drunk. What purpose would that serve?
She wasn’t going to be going back to ‘their’ home this night however. Thankfully she had plenty of ‘safe houses’ all over the world. She could go anywhere, really.
She didn’t want to give up on him. She didn’t want to give up on them.
He was the first man to make her feel this way. So torn up inside that she actually wanted to break down and cry. She hated it. At the moment she hated him.

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