Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jan 3, 2015

Its not a pretty night….or morning rather…its 3am.
Its overcast, we’re in a constant fog or mist. You can feel the little tiny drops of water hitting your skin every time you move. Its so slight though.
Its not cold, but there is a chill in the air, and that ever present dampness. It makes your joints hurt.
Its still warm enough that the crickets are chirping.
There’s a subtle breeze making my wind-chimes sing to me. I love the music of my wind-chimes, especially at night, or ‘dark time’ rather.
I’m very particular about my wind-chimes. I currently have 3 sets out on the front porch. I did have 5. One fell victim to a nasty storm, and the other just didn’t sound right.
I’m very picky about the music of my wind-chimes. I will stand in the store (driving other customers nuts I would imagine) testing out all the wind-chimes for just the right tones. Trust me, its hard to find good ones.
My two favorite are right outside my office window, so I can always hear them, and they also happen to be positioned near the bench I have on the front porch were I sit and smoke when I go out there.
I just came back in from sitting out there for a good while. Its damp, but the music of my chimes is so soothing and lovely.
I had to come back in after a bit though. The dampness sets in and just makes me hurt.
Its been a peaceful night. I’m going to enjoy this while it last. ~smiles~

On a side note. This would be an awesome night for Zombies to be roaming around. >_>

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