Friday, January 23, 2015

Jan 23 2015

No, seriously…it was.
It started raining around 7pm last night, and did not stop until 8 or 9am this morning. My wind chimes sung pretty songs all night long. It was cold though. Too cold to sit outside on the front porch to enjoy it all.
And in all my mopiness from yesterdays events, I didnt come home and cry as planned.
Yes, I started watching American Horror Story from the first season onward. I really liked the first and second season. The third was okay, but I had conflicts with what I know of true voodoo and what they portrayed of it, Marie Laveau and Daphne. And I thought season four was just dreadful. Blah.
Spotlights…they will be late in getting posted today. Someone hasnt gotten back to me and I have to either post simply one spotlight, or do some re-arranging. And I warn you…I am feeling awful lazy today…so we will probably only see one spotlight.
I had a really great ‘sounding board’ session with my spawn last night over Book Two in my series. New ideas were brought to the table and tossed around. This was a good thing. As I revise my chapters, I will be making a point to add some of this new material we discussed.
My cold seems to be making a little bit of a come back. Not so much the coughing…but I’m liquifying again a little. I will be avoiding outside endeavors while this cold rainy time is settled over the lands.
By the way, with all the rain we got in just the past night…my driveway is like the ultimate mud bog for playing around in a truck with it kicked into 4-wheel drive. And other parts of my yard resemble a swamp. It looks like its not done raining just yet either. Its stopped for now, but its cold, and the sky does indeed look angry.
I feel very lethargic today. If I could cancel the Spotlight, I would, but I hate disappointing anyone.
So, it will get done, in just a bit.
I need coffee. I’m in the mood for coffee sweetened with sweetened condensed milk. LOVE that. No need to add cream or sugar. So yums!

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