Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 20, 2015 - back to the book


Dakota Coffee Works, Enterprise, Alabama. Back to work for me. No, I don’t work there…I do my most productive working FROM there. No one bothers me, all the girls know what I drink, and the other regular customers all smile, ask how things are and we all live our merry lives.
This is where I like to work on my writing. I get a good bit done from home, but I seem more productive when I’m here at the coffee shop. More focused. I don’t know why that is. I enjoy it though.
So book two will finally get smoothed out, edited and I’ll decide which ending its going to be getting. I have three possibles. I love all three.
Initially book two was going to be the end of the saga. The end of the story.
Now, two of the newer endings I’ve come up with could 1. leave it open for a possible third, or 2. leave it open to be a full series.
I’m very torn on what to do. I was hoping feedback on book one The Road of Darkness would help me in my decision on which way to go, but I’ve only gotten two reviews on Amazon. No other feedback, so I don’t know if this is something people would want to see as more than just two books. BAH!!!
Then there is the erotica series. Two series actually, each series being between 3-5 books, depending on how I structure all I’ve written.
So, I guess I’ll focus on cleaning up what I have of book two for now. I plan on releasing it May or June of this year. I have everything for it already…ISBNs, cover art, etc..
My blog posts may become more sporadic. I like to do at least a post a day, but, well, yanno what I did yesterday? I slept all day. Really. Woke up to eat and take meds, then back off to sleep more. I really wasn’t feeling too great. The cold is still lingering, but what pained me the most yesterday was my back.
I’m feeling pretty good today though, and in the right mindset to get my tail back to work on my writing.
The weekly spotlight on other authors and bloggers will still be happening! I like it…it helps others, and that makes me feel good.
So, off to work I get now, dragging book two out!!!

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