Friday, January 2, 2015

Jan 2, 2014

Well, I have taken the tree down. Not like the above picture however. Though the fat cat had a blast as I pulled down the ribbons and whatnot. We played a little.

Its nice to have that monstrosity down and my dining room back in order.

I also took the time to clean and organize my office today. Well, I almost died once, but really, that was my own fault for cramming things in a jenga like fashion into my closet. It fell, broke my door, I was almost squished.

Good news, its all straightened up now and the door is fixed.

I need a bigger office though. I am really starting to run out of space in here. And with the kid now living at home again for a bit and taking over the guest room, I have fat cats litter box in here in my office. PEEE-EEWWW sometimes.

So I still have some paperwork organization to do...I am avoiding it for now.

I also have to get busy on the follow up book to The Road of Darkness. Its pretty much done, but I have two endings. I dont know which one to go with. And then there is the general clean up, polish and editing to be done. I'm projecting an April or May release.

I also am aiming to publish at least two of my erotica books this year. I have several written. I have to look at them all, group them into their respective series, and put them in order before clean up, rewrites and edits. Then there is the task of getting my lovely Daniela at to make me some pretty covers. I think the erotica books will be strictly eBooks.

On my wish list for this year is a Zombie Apocalypse. I am sick of all this crazy mother nature throwing tantrums and screwy weather. Bring on the zombies!!!

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