Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tornados, Floods and Cats for Christmas

Isn’t the fat cat just beautiful in her holiday wear? FABULOUS!!! And she didn’t even put up a fuss as expected. I think its the cut of the outfit. I’ll have to remember that for future attire.
So, rather than cold weather and snow for the holidays, we are getting the typical Southern wonderland of 65 degree temps, a tornado watch and a screeching flood warning blaring over my phones app every couple of minutes. Its been raining non-stop since yesterday.
Tonight, however, we had a LOVELY lightning show. It lit up the sky brilliantly. Its still going, just not with the intensity as earlier.
Thunder is still rumbling.
Though I hate the rainy weather, I do admire a good thunder and lightning storm. The only reason I really dislike the unending rain is because my, and I use the term lightly, drive way, turns into a mud-pit. Its a good thing my beast of a truck has four wheel drive. >_<
The tornado sirens went off earlier, however we’ve been downgraded from warning to watch. Its nowhere near as windy as it was. Its still humid out though. Unusually warm.
Winter here in the South doesn’t really kick in until January and February. We’ve had freak snow storms in March in years past. Though, it hasn’t snowed here since 2010. Oh, yeah, 2 inches. We all flail our arms, running in circles, screaming ‘ZOMG CLOSE THE STATE!!!’. True story. We simply don’t know how to deal with snow. Its so uncommon here. We’re too close to the gulf coast. We aren’t equipped for it on our roads. We freak out when things get frosted over. Seriously. Close. The. State.
When the temperatures drop below a certain level I don’t even want to get dressed and go outside. Anything below 60 is TOO winter for me.
I think I need to move further south. I just don’t want to leave Alabama. Florida is nice, I love being so close and going often, but Alabama is home.
I could possibly be convinced to make Pensacola home. Or to top that, the Florida Keys. Granted, I haven’t been there before, but its on my list.
I spent some time in Phoenix Arizona with my best friend a few times. Its not bad. Instead of rain, I got a taste of dust and sand storms. But I love the air quality there. The ‘dry’ heat. So different than here. Sometimes here, the weather is so hot and humid, when you step outside its oppressing and you feel like you just stepped into a steam bath, the water so heavy in the air. Arizona is nice and dry. Hot as hell, but dry. I liked it.
Its still too far from my beloved Gulf of Mexico however.
I think I’ll probably never leave where I am now. I love my house. I love the area. I even love the noisy cows across the road and the roaming pack of coyotes that occasionally kill said cows.
Well, fat cat is demanding attention. Its treat time! She loves her Whiska’s Temptations…so long as they aren’t seafood flavored in any way…lol. My weird cat hates seafood. Go figure.

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