Monday, December 8, 2014

Relaxed and refreshed

Well, I'm home safe and sound from my little mini-vacation.

I had a nice time. I got a lot of writing done and a lot of relaxing done. I feel great.

Miss fat cat was none too pleased that I had left her, but after a good scolding from her I'm back in her good graces and she's all up in my face per the norm.

I've overhauled my official site, streamlined it...its looks much more professional now. I really like the new look and layout, even though I'm still tweaking it here and there.

I have so many little things to do in the coming weeks, none of which are holiday I'm not a holiday person.

So, I think now that I've had a post-drive nap, I'm going to have some foodz, snuggle the fat cat and perhaps watch a movie or something. I dont feel like gaming ~gasps~ and I dont feel like writing ~double gasps~!!

I just want a little more me time. :)

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