Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Motivation 0

Lack of motivation today = 1

Me = 0

I had plans for today. Coffee shop, writing, blogging, etc…

How did my day go? Well, I got up and nearly ready to head out to the coffee shop at around 8am this morning.

How did my day progress? Well, I was back in bed by 9am this morning.

I got up once afterward, looked at my computer and the little post-it notes of things to do today, groaned, prodded my lacking sense of brain for the day, then went back to crawl into the confines of my bed.

It is now 11:20pm. All day completely wasted away. No writing. No tasks. The only thing I am attempting is to post this update and be a little entertaining.

I have a lovely doctors appointment tomorrow, and I have to go down to the city for it. Oh, whee.
With much hope my motivation levels will return to normal. The creativity is there, the desire is there…its just…you know…the had earned the trust of my comfy bed and just couldn’t abandon it in its seemingly need for someone to embrace it.


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