Monday, December 1, 2014

I write Vampires

Why do  write a lot of my book about vampires? Hmmm…a lot has to do with the RP games I play. All my characters are vampires, pretty much.

I dont follow any set theme for my vampires however. Such as ‘Ricean’, or the ‘traditional’ lore. I sort of blend themes. My vampires can see their reflections, they can enter ‘Holy Ground’, they do not need to sleep below ground or in coffins. As a matter of fact, a few of my characters have a fear of both bugs and small spaces.

Some of my vampires are true horror nightmares. They revel in killing, not just feeding to sustain themselves.

I do like the Trueblood theme of vampires getting sick and ill, bleeding from the nose and such, if awake past dawn.

Of course, there are some staples I leave in, which to me, are pretty much needed, such as the burn of Holy Water, the stake in the heart, beheading and burning in the sunlight.

I would stab my own eyes out if I ever had a fleeting thought of my vampires sparkling.

I think vampires should be lovely, haunting, strong, mysterious…and bloodthirsty. They should be scary in their beauty. Misleading.

Pop out fangs are not a thing for me. My vampires do tend to have a more ‘Ricean’ look. No big chomp chomp fangs, just subtly sharper teeth. Oh, and I love the lightening eye effect.
Anne Rice is my hero when it comes to the vampire genre. I favor her method more than anyone. She redefined some things. I still dont like the whole sleeping in a coffin thing though.

I like my vampires to have fears. They may lose their humanity, but not little personality quirks that will follow them forever. I like my readers to be able to relate on some level with my characters, see their beauty in their fierceness.

I’ve been writing vampire fiction for a long time now. I know, its taken me a long time to consider publishing. I was a chicken, what can I say. But I have the right people in my life motivating me to chase that dream now, even if I dont do well.

But I’ll still be writing vampires. And not just vampires. Werewolves and angels and demons and slayers. I love supernatural things. Ghosties, too.

Later we’ll talk about my upcoming erotic series. >_>

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