Friday, December 5, 2014

Dec 5,2014 pt 2. Nerd Alert

So earlier I sat outside and kicked my little feet up and watched a beautiful sunset. Of course, I had to laugh…no…not at my feet and socks, but if you look close at the second picture…does it not look like two AT-ATs roaming around over there?? Am I the only nerd who thinks these things?

Whew. Look at those tones of purple. Just beautiful. And the gulf air is so fresh and clean. Right now its gotten a bit chilly out, but its still a beautiful night.

I’ve gotten a good bit of writing done as well. Worked on some role-play writing, and now I think I will try my hand at some flash fiction, since I’ve never really tried my hand at it. I’m usually so wordy and descriptive in my writing, trying to write something less than 1500 words is going to be a challenge…Oh, and I am thinking about giving a whirl at 1st person narrative as well. Something I’m not that great at. I have a few ideas though, its just a matter of not getting long winded, or it turning into a novel. >_<

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend. I’ll be sure to post up something interesting (I hope its interesting to you readers) tomorrow!

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