Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dec 17/14: RP writing vs Novel writing

There is a huge difference between writing for Role-play gaming and writing a novel. I love both equally. I love gaming, and I have a head full of ideas, stories, possible characters, etc..
With RP writing, you lose a bit of control. You are not writing alone. It could be a joint venture with one person or a group. You control your own characters thoughts, emotions and words, but you don’t know what to expect from the next person to post to the story-line. You also cant take actions or thoughts for their characters. Your character doesn’t know how they will respond or react. Your character doesn’t know what the other character is thinking.
You’re flying by the seat of your pants. I love it. Of course, the problem in RP writing is finding compatible partners. Its no fun, and rather irritating, when you spend time writing a good post for a thread, with good character development, actions, scene…and they return a response of only three sentences. Or taking control of everything. God-Modding. Power-playing.
It can drive you mad. There is chaos.
When your writing your own story, be it a novel or short story, you are in control of everything. And while your characters don’t know how each will respond and react to another, or their thoughts, you control the rhythm and flow of the story. You are in control. You control the plot twists, the dialogue, the surprises. Its calming to just sit and write out whats in your head, getting it all down and letting it evolve how YOU imagine.
I find thrill in RP game writing. I tend to find writing partners that are active, so posting to the story is rapid fire. You have to think fast. I avoid planned stories for the most part. I just don’t find planning step by step to be fun. I don’t mind an idea or brief outline of what direction we’d like to see happen, but for the most part I love the surprise of responses unknown, giving me a kick in the pants to spark that imagination.
Novel and story writing is at your leisure, well, unless your on a deadline, but you are still in control. You set the pace.
I’ll never give up my RP gaming writing, even when people, the players behind the character, can drive me up a wall and make me want to gouge my eyes out. Its all part of the package.
And I’ll always be working on other stories in the meantime. I have way too much time on my hands and more than an abundance of story ideas.

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