Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dec 11/14: Wanna be Crazy Cat Lady

Its no secret I am crazy for cats. Yet I have only one.

Why, you may wonder, with my raging love for cats?

Its pretty simple. My fat cat is a raging I attempted to bring a kitten home once, fat cat thought it was a treat and tried to eat it.

So fat cat is an only child. Well, other than my real kid. I, at times, like the cat better.

But like any other child, fat cat talks back to me, she gets lippy and gives me the stink-eye. I tell her not to do something, and I get sass back in return.

Cats are wonderful creatures. Not to diss dogs, but cats seem to excude more personality. There are a lot of misconception that all cats do is sleep half their lives. Fat cat doesnt. She is in my face constantly. She talks to me, she nibbles me, she follows me. Heaven forbid I try to go to the bathroom by myself or shut a door with her on the other side.

She brings me toys. Not that she wants to play, she just wants to bring me her favorite slobber covered toys to share. I think its sweet.

She sleeps with me. She puts her fluffy shedding fur in my drinks and food. I swear, I'm surprised *I* dont hack up a hairball.

Everyone tells me, go ahead, get another cat, fat cat will get used to it in time. But yanno, fat cat is so neurotic, and I really do keep her feelings in consideration, I dont want to put her through that.

When I think of life without her, it makes me tear up. I know eventually she will cross the bridge. Everyone tells me to get another cat when that happens. And I probably will, but not right away. And when I do, I will get more than one so they can grow together.

But right now, I have my fat cat. I love her. She is my lil fur-baby who gives loves unconditionally and doesnt judge me. She listens, and gives input in her own way.

Our pets are precious to us. Whether you have a cat, cats, doggies, parrots or ferrets...make sure you let them know how special they are. Take time with them. So many people get pets, and then things turn into a routine...feed pet, clean up after pet. Occasionally pet the pet. No...they need more. They deserve more.

Also, when fat cat is displeased with me...she silently stalks me...creeper-ninja-stalker-mode.

She plots my doom at times.

Its endearing.

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