Friday, December 19, 2014

Book Release: Making the Official Site all Pretty

2:37am. I've spent the last hour and a half making my official site look all spiffy and pretty with links to my book, 'The Road of Darkness'. by Zoe Ambler

Monday, Dec 22, it will be available for download and print purchase from a wide variety of retailers all over the world.


Just in time for Christmas!

However, I am a realist...okay, maybe a pessimist. I have my faults. I, of course, think I am doomed to fail. There are so many books out there, and the vampire/horror genre is so overcrowded. book isn't the average vampire story. There's no heaps for gushy romance. There's a lot of history told based on actual events. There's other creatures of the paranormal realm.

I'm glad I wrote it. I'm glad I wrote the second book as well, to follow up and conclude Addison's story.

And then there are my erotica books! It will be 2 series, each series being about 3-5 books. What I have written may be condensed and restructured a little, making for one longer book here and there, rather than two shorter.

If my books don't do well, so be it. At least I can say I did something. I put myself out there. Its all been such a great learning experience as well.

So, go buy my book!

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