Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12/16/2014: The woes of being a fluffy cat

Its was that time again. Time for fat cat to get all pretty. She hates it, but I hate wearing and eating her fur. So off to the vet she went for her quarterly shave! Oh, does she hate it. But look how pretty!!!



So pretty and sleek-ish. So she's a little flabby here and there. Dont tell her that, you'll hurt her feelings!
I leave her head fluffy and a little poof on her tail. She looks like a lion. Rawr.

I gave the house a sprucing as well. Laundry, kitchen, bathroom. Oh. Joy.

I have been terribly slack online however. When I take a little break, I read and comment on blogs. I've behaved and stayed away from gaming for the most part.

I have serious work to do this week. I have a book to promote!!! I've been asked to guest blog, so I have to prepare something for that. I need to make my official site look spiffy with the various links to my book.

So, I'm taking the rest of the day off. Sort of.

Go me!

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