Sunday, November 23, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day TwentyThree: Totally Lazy

Today is rainy, sticky and we're under a tornado warning. I feel like doing nothing. My cat is not feeling well and I need to take her to the vet tomorrow.

So you get a recycled blog entry from my Official Site! YAY for Laziness!!!

The rules of being me:

1. Everything is funny. Politics, religion, social media. People tripping and falling down. Laugh at everything. Pointing is optional.

2. Always stand out in a crowd. Looking like a rainbow unicorn biker chick is not a bad thing.

3. Growl at little children

4. Torment family members

5. Write everyday

6. Poke the fat cat in her fat belly no matter how much it pisses her off

7. Make it a point to be polite and friendly, especially to those people who look at you funny for being a weird looking rainbow unicorn biker chick. It really throws them off balance.

8. Wear something purple (other than hair) every day

9. Snarky. Smarmy. Some people deserve it, especially when they think they are ‘witty’. Sometimes a bit of real witty snark goes right over their lil heads.

10. Zombies. Always wish for zombies

11. Curse or swear at least once a day. Yes, its uncouth and unladylike, but it makes me feel badass

12. Talk to myself often. That’s a no brainer

13. Dignity smignity

14. Argue and swear at myself often. That’s easy

15. Don’t watch your feet while walking. You always run into something
Be real. Be true. Don’t be someone you’re not.

My unique-ness and my way of looking at the world is my own. No one see’s things quite like I do, nor do I see things how you may perceive them. Be true to yourself. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at others.

Humor is the heart of all things, even when it takes everything in us to smile.

Be different. Don’t be a sheep. Go a little crazy.

BE A SKETCHY CHARACTER. It makes people wonder. It makes people think. And the looks on some peoples faces are truly priceless, especially when you pick your phone up and just snap a picture of that priceless look.

And then smile at them like a maniac.

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