Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day TwentyFive: On Books

Yes, yes...I'm an author, we all know I'm TRYING to get you people over to my Official Site to look around and maybe buy my book when its available (ssooonn my presshhhuuuss). ~coughs zoeambler.com coughs~


Books. Most of us love reading. Why are we reading blogs? We love to read. And being the modern age, most of us have a nifty gadget just for reading. A Kindle or a Nook. I have a Kindle. I love my Kindle. I buy many many ebooks. Give me a credit card and I'm a dangerous person with a Kindle.

However, when I find a book I just love, I ALWAYS buy the actual book as well. There's just something about a book. The feel of it in your hands. The weight. The texture of the pages. The smell.

So, never give me access to a credit card in a bookstore either. I have tons of books here in my office, so many that I don't have enough shelves. Does that prevent me from buying more books? NOPE!

I have books on so many subjects. Fiction, Non-fiction, classic literature. FBI Manuals!!!

You know what kind of book you WONT find in my collection? A cookbook...lol. Or books about vampire that sparkle. Blech.

So, I'm feeding an author not once, but twice. I mean, most of us publish ebooks at  a price less than a trade paperback. And let me tell you, when you pay print costs, you aren't making much. Then there is advertising, marketing, promoting. ISBNs.

Now, I'm talking from a purely self publishing author stand point. Cover art. Templates for those not swift with the formatting.

So, yes, ebooks and the real book.

Some books I get purely for sentimental reasons. I have a lovely binding of Edgar Allen Poe's complete collection, nicely protected in plastic shrink wrap, as well as Dante's Inferno. I will never open them. I have the 'read' copies in paperback. I also have multiple copies of several of Stephen Kings works. I can read 'The Stand' over and over. And I do. And then I have a copy that doesn't have a single crease on it at all.

Ebooks are my discovery tool, I guess, in a way. Its how I find those rare treasures that I just fall in love with.

Best example...'Area 187, Almost Hell' by Eric R. Lowther. I ABSOLUTELY love this book. I read it for the first time on my best friends kindle account. COVET COVET COVET. I had to have it.

So I have it on my own Kindle, and I have the paperback as well. Mr. Lowther even stopped by my Official Site once. I thought I was going to die of fan-girl-ness. Okay, maybe pee myself a little, then die. I did actually sit here at the keyboard squealing like a ten year old fan girl though.

I don't think people appreciate actual books as much as they should. I mean, when the zombie apocalypse happens and we are cast into a world with no power, how the hell are we going to read our Kindles??

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