Friday, November 21, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Twenty-One: Social Media Madness

This whole social media thing is killing me. The Facebook, the Twitter, the domain, the blogger. Social networking. Trying to gain a following and fan base for my soon to be released book.

I honestly dont know what I'm doing. I freely admit that. I'm not about to pay some goober 500bux to do it all for me though. I know hiring a professional will make things all snazzy and pretty, but I am a more hands on type. I may screw it all up, but I'm learning from it.

My page needs certain buttons, I have been to all the help forums, I tweak this and that. I think I'm making progress...slowly.

Adding pages will be my next task. If I'm going to use this to promote, well, I need a snazzy page with the book cover and how and where to purchase it.

However, this here blogger thing is a more personal blog. I share things here that I dont usually discuss on my main domain.

No one comments here. I do get page hits though.

I keep reading about AdSense. Keywords. Tags. Search Words. GRAH.

I'll figure it all out eventually. The domain seems to be fairing well. Its a little bit more easy to maintain and navigate.

Like I said, I'll get the hang of it. Or die trying! ~shakes a fist~

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