Thursday, November 20, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Twenty: A Good Day

Today is a good day.

The weather is sunny and warmer than it has been. My hair looks fantastic. My mood is good. I havent had to lick or bite anyone...yet.

I validated my word count with NaNoWriMo, and yayness, all my work paid off. In December I'll get some winners goodies.

I've learned a lot while writing, not just with NaNo, but in all the years I've been writing. I've learned a lot about myself.

However, this past year is the first time I've set it to a goal. NaNo, NaBloPoMo, and starting to finally publish all these novels I've written that have just been sitting around on my drive.

People are noticing that I'm happier. My mood is better. I now have something to look forward to. Even if my books flop, its the chance I took. The journey to be published has put my head in a place that seems to be really good for me.

The publishing date for my book is set for December 1st, give or take a few days. In that time I'll be overhauling this blog. Adding some pages, exploring just what I can do with it. I still havent got this whole social media thing figured out.

Its all been a learning experience. Hopefully by my third or fourth published book I'll be a pro at all this.

Little things can make me happiest. Having a goal to work toward really has made a difference. And with all the books I have unfinished or needing editing before publishing, I have plenty to keep me occupied for a while, keeping myself goal oriented.

When I'm happy, my loved ones are happy. They like seeing this side of me. Granted, it took a lot of nagging from my mother to actually get me to take those first steps to publish the first book.

For those wondering, The Road of Darkness is the first of two books centered around a main character.

When those two books are published and out of the way, I'll be publishing an erotica series. Actually, two separate series.

Once I figure out how to work this whole blogger site, I'll have a fancy static page and order page for those interested.

This blog is primarily for personal ramblings, but hell, promote, promote, promote!

So, cheers my readers. And if you are a NaNo participant, GO YOU! Even if you dont complete it, you still tried. And dont toss that story away. You dont need NaNo to write a damn fine novel for the masses.

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