Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Twelve: My Collections

I collect a weird bunch of...well...stuff. But dont get me wrong, all my stuff is precious to me. It all means something to me.
Now, I'm not some insane horder or anything, my collections are neat and organize.

I just have really weird, eclectic and eccentric passions.

First swords. Yes, I collect swords. Katanas, broadswords, daggers. I love blades. I have most displayed in my personal office, but I also have a three piece collection over my mantle in the living room.
My favorite blade? My limited edition Michonne Katana from The Walking Dead. Yes, its battle ready. All my swords are. I do not buy cheap crap. All are full tang.

Next up is my voodoo dolls. I have dozens. DOZENS. Big, small, wooden, spanish moss, straw, cloth, cork. Just loads of materials used.

And then there are my Living Dead Dolls. I love the beastly things. I honestly can not choose a favorite out of all I have.

Office supplies. I dont know. Office Depot is my best friend. I love office supplies. I have more office supplies, pens, pencils, post-its, paper-clips, binder clips, push pins, steno-pads, dividers, binders....I have more than I will ever need.
And just this morning I bought more pens. >_>.

Journals and notebooks. I love them and dont know why. I keep daily journals. Private, writing, lists, but I have more than I need.

Odd books. I have journal type books. 'The Secret Me' (one, two and three) 'Lists', and even my absolute favorite 'People I want to Punch in the Throat'.

I have other little odds and ends. Air fresheners and candles. I love them. I could set my house ablaze. Actually, my fat cat singes her fluffy tail all the time getting up where she doesnt need to be when I have a candle burning. She is obsessed with them too. >_<

I thought of adding some pictures to accompany this post, but alas, I am working out of the coffee shop this morning.

I was totally lazy on my Official Sites blog page today. My entire post was meme's. LOL. Lazy.

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