Monday, November 3, 2014

NaBloPoMo: Day Three: Pets

Today I had the scare of my life today! You see, I live in the country, on a back road, my only neighbors are the cows in the field across the road. A dog was dumped off a few weeks ago, as such a thing isnt uncommon around here. He's a pretty dog, big, solid, not completely stupid. (No, I'm not a dog person).

However, today, while unloading the truck, 'Buddy', as I call the dog, spotted my beloved cat, ChesterAnn, and ran into the house hellbent on killing her. Thankfully my precious baby is fast and managed to get into my bedroom under the bed. Safe and sound, though hissing and growling. I got the dog outside and gave him a good hollering at. I dont know how to discipline a dog. I dont want to hurt him or anything, though he could probably tear my arm off if he wanted. He's part pit bull, part yellow lab.

I love animals. If I could have 50 cats to be an 'official crazy cat lady' I do totally would. Its my dream in life, my end goal. >_>

Dogs on the other hand. I dunno. They require more. More attention, more training, more affection. And Buddy is a big dog. Playing with him is like taking a beating. He knocks me over sometimes. He's a good dog though, other than he likes to kill anything littler than himself. He killed and played with a possum a few nights ago.

I'm now terrified he'll charge into the house again. My cat means everything to me. She's my baby.


Well, I'm happily calming myself at the coffee shop now. I got off to a late start on everything today. Fun.

For those wondering, this is what my little corner of the coffee shop looks like on a daily basis...this is my table...if I come in and someone who recognizes me is at my table, they usually move or leave Rawr.

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