Thursday, November 6, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Six: Anything off limits? (Humor)

I have a very warped sense of humor that some find to be a putting.

I find humor in damn near anything, taboo or not. When it comes to humor, I have not developed one of those 'brain to mouth' filters. 

I laugh at others misfortunes, like seeing someone trip, stumble, fall, etc. do I feel bad? Nope. Why? Because when I trip, stumble, fall, etc, I see my own humor in it and laugh it off, feeling like an idiot, but still, grinning and laughing. I walk into walls, doors, furniture...very much a klutz.

I find humor in the idiocy of politics, religion, government, name it. I can even find the humor in tragedy.

Why? Because this is life, and without humor, we are boring. The world is boring.

So I skirt the line on what is in 'good taste' sometimes. You really have to know me to appreciate me. ~snickers~

Is anything off-limits to me? Not really. I mean, I do have lines I dont cross, but then, its not a matter of crossing them, its more like I straddle them.

Once people get to know me, they tend to be not quite so freaked out about what tumbles out of my mouth sometimes, or what I'll point and laugh at.

I guess I'm sort of an 'acquired taste.' :D

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