Sunday, November 9, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Nine: What Bores Me

Boredom strikes us all. It takes a lot of shapes and forms. There's general boredom, writing boredom, boredom in your music selection. Sometimes I just call it 'the blahs'.

Am I getting bored with NaNo and NaBloPoMo? Yes. Its just general boredom, and a little anxiety. I worry I am not writing good enough, holding anyones attention or being entertaining. Is my content worth reading? This culminates into a bored feeling with the whole project.

I'm not tossing in the towel, however. Every day I'll keep trying to come up with new content. NaNo is going well, and I'll hit my mark well before the last day.

I'm ready to publish my first book. I'm nervous. I'm procrastinating on it. So in the anxiety zone, I'm struck with 'the blahs'.

Other little things that bore me? Politics and religion. I avoid all conversation about either. Hearing people speak of either will pretty much put me to sleep. Comedies bore me. Rom-coms, Rom-drams, etc. Give me my thrillers, mysteries and horror movies, books and shows.

Boredom is a deadly little monster though. It wastes your precious time. It saps your energy and creativity.

But still we press on, and eventually we snap out of it.

What do you do when bored? How do you 'snap yourself out of it'? Do you sleep through it, clean, find something to read to lift you up?

Boredom is as bad as writers block. BLARGH!

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