Friday, November 14, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Fourteen: My Cat

Most of us have pets. A cat, a dog, a fish, etc.

I have a cat. She is my world. My fat cat. My minion, though, that really could be debatable on who is actually the minion to whom.
I have a dog, but thats only temporary. He will be gone on Monday. I'm just not a 'dog' person. He's just a stray, and I thought I could keep up with him, but I cant.

Now, if I could have a horde of cats, I would. I would be the stereotypical crazy cat lady. But alas, my cat is MEAN. She will not share me. It has taken years, and she will just now allow my own daughter to come into my office without hissing at her. Lawdy.

Now, my cat was supposed to be a 'therapy' animal. As the years have gone by, we have come to find that my cat is the one who needs therapy.

I can not leave for long periods of time. She will scold me. If I actually go on vacation, oh there is hell to pay when I return.

But I would do anything for my fat cat. She is my baby. She listens to me, no matter my woes. She sleeps with me. She sheds all over me. I think I eat more cat hair than a single person ever should. I am surprised I dont hack up hair balls.

My cat is typical in many ways of those cats you see in meme's. She does not allow me to go into the bathroom alone.  I am not allowed to close doors with me on one side and her on the other. Thats just a sin.

She will share me on occasion. I had a fish for a while. Just a little betta that sat in his tank at the edge of my desk. It was soothing to watch him. She liked to watch him, too. I had him for a long time, but, fish just arent a long term pet, it seems, and I found him laying at the bottom of his tank one morning. I decided not to get another.

My cat is a long hair Ragdoll mix. Horrible when you live in the hot and humid South. She sometimes gets sores, so to allievate itching and pain, I get her shaved. I know, some people think its funny. And I admit I make it funny...I get her shaved to look like a lion. Lil poof at the end of her tail and everything.

In the winter I let her fur grow some, but only to a certain limit because she's white and sheds like crazy. So, yes, my cat has a wardrobe to keep her warm when shaved in the winter months.

She even has Halloween costumes. DONT JUDGE ME!

My cat is my little precious. My secret keeper, my cuddle, and she lets me talk baby-talk at her.

She's fat, she's spoiled and her favorite game is 'let me try to catch and bite your foot off as you climb in bed.'.

She sits on my desk as I do things. If she doesnt feel she is being included well enough, she taps my shoulder, pets my hair, shoves her paw in my mouth, or, if she wants treats, she kisses my lips or nibbles my lip. I keep saying I'm going to record it, because its so precious, but meh.

I am the only one she will accept food from when it comes to eating out of the hand. Dont get me wrong, table foods are a no-no. But she wont give kisses for treats to anyone else. She wont try food from anyone else.

She is mine and I am hers.

Love my fat cat.

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