Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NaBloPoMo: Day Four: RP Gaming

Text based Role-Play Gaming.

I love it.

I play several games, though two are dear to me.

One I have been playing for over 12 years now, playing the same psychotic character. She's been through a lot in those twelve years. I'm taking a break from that game however. After so long, its hard to come up with fresh material for her, and finding good writing partners is tough. Compatibility is very important for the ebb and flow of a good RP story-line.

The second game I've fallen in love with is different, and I have two characters. The RP is slow. I have a great partner for one character, though they have seemingly dropped off the map at the time.

These sorts of games are great, but sometimes they can really make you feel like you're in High School all over again. The players can be very clique-ish. Not wanting to give fresh, new players a chance. But again, some simply dont want to leave their comfort zone and comfort people.

On the plus side, I've made some of my best friendships through these sorts of games. I met my best friend of twelve years. We travel cross country to meet up, sport matching tattoos, and well, we're just plain crazy when together.

A lot of strife and butt-hurt can come from these games, too. There is a line between what is In Character (IC) and what is Out of Character (OOC). That line shouldn't ever be crossed. We all do it at one time or another though. I'm guilty of it.

Despite the cliques and crossing, I've learned to overlook most of it. I find joy in the writing, and most of it is what inspired me to branch out, expand, and write books. I never knew I had any writing talent until I was put to the test with fast paced, back to back, rapid fire posting of story-lines.

Watching my characters evolve over time has been wonderful, too. They face triumphs and heart-aches, and yes, I pour myself into them, so I feel their joys and sorrows. I've written scenes that have moved me to tears.

My hope is that all this experience shines through in my books. Characters with depth, scenes with imagery you can really grasp, dialog that intrigues.

Yes, I'm a gamer.

Nerds and geeks rejoice.

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