Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Five: My Personal Style

Personal style. We all have it. That little flair that makes us each a unique individual.
Some people carry that flair on the inside. Mannerisms and quirks.

Not me.

I wear my flair like a beacon of oddness and I love it.

Purple hair, tattoos, my own weird behavior and mannerisms, my offbeat style of dress for what society would deem as a little immature for my age.

But it all makes me

I love the color purple. Its my 'signature color'. My hair is purple, my tennis shoes are purple, or at the very least sport purple shoe laces. I dont actually dress in a lot of purple clothing, however. I would feel like I looked like a great big bruise walking down the sidewalk.

My attire consists of way too many cartoon, comic, anime, etc. themed t-shirts. I do own a few T's that dont sport a character of some sort on them.

Pants...I own like 3 pair. I DO NOT LIKE PANTS! Not that I go pantless...hahaha. I like wearing shorts and capri's. I have this weird 'thing' about stuff touching my calves. I know, its odd. It can be freezing out, but I'll still be wearing shorts or capri's, shivering my arse off.

Dresses. I have two. Do I wear them? Nope. shoes and combat boots. With purple laces.

Ink...I have a lot of tattoos. I love each and every one of them. And with the bright purple hair I sort of look like some biker unicorn beast. >_>

Mannerisms. I am really eccentric and eclectic. I talk to myself. I laugh at myself constantly, because my own personal inner monologue cracks me up. I think I'm hilarious. I'm a terrible clutz.

We are all unique individuals and every one of us beautiful. Thats a big compliment from someone who isnt a social person 'in person'. I'm pretty anti-social, anti-people.

I'd rather spend time with books and the things that go bump in the night. :D

Oh, my sense of humor. Some people can take it. Some people can not. My mother thinks I'm fast tracked to Hell for what I find funny. ~snickers~

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