Saturday, November 15, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Fifteen: Do Not Want

Do. Not. Want. I say this about many things. Things that make me say 'ew'. Things that make me cringe. Things that I just not. want.

Things that make me cringe?

Bugs. Yes. I will immediately turn into a 10 year old screaming little girl at the sight of a bug. Which, living here in the Southern states isnt a great thing, as the bugs here are the size of Buicks.

Children. I have one. I like it. She's all grown up now. I am hoping she doesnt decide to spawn. I am just not a kid person. I dont like other peoples children. I just dont like children. I dont get all squealy over babies, my ovaries dont explode, and I dont find them cute. They pretty much all look like little potatoes. And they smell.

And it gets worse when they become mobile. They touch your stuff. They invade your space. And they still smell funny.

I just dont have the female 'motherly gotta squeeze that little human larva' gene.

People who suck their teeth after eating. Oh. Em. Geeeee. Get a toothpick! Get some floss!

People up in my space. I am particular about my personal space. I will lick you if you invade my space, and I have a wide bubble.

Huggers. I am not a huggy person. I am barely a 'shake your hand' person.

I probably sound like a pretty terrible person, no? I'm really not. I take it all with humor, and I'm never rude. I will avoid situations that will have me facing any of my pet peeves.

If my book takes off, and I actually do book signings, man...people in my space, hugging, wanting pictures. I do believe my Klonopin will become my best friend, not that it already isnt. :D

For as many things that irk me, I am a tolerant person. I can adapt. I can squirm my way out of a situation that will make me uncomfortable without hurting feelings or being rude.

Unless there is a bug involved. Prepare for massive screaming, possible crying, and just maybe wetting myself a little. >_> haha.

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