Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Eighteen: Family

I talked to my mother today. Its been a bit, they were in the middle of moving, which I didnt know, because no one tells me anything. Haha.

You see, they live in a different country. All our communication is through Skype. I love Skype. we chat, and can see one another. Its very nice. Oh, and then there is the whole thing of my mother not knowing how to type. I mean, really. Takes her ten minutes to type 'I love you.' Bless her heart.

Oh, does she love the computer though. She likes playing games. Slots. And she is in love with Netflix, especially since I taught her how to use the Hola extention.

For all the distances between us, my parents, older sis, younger brother and sis, and their respective offsping, we are a pretty close family.

They are my cheering section for publishing. Well, if you want to call my mother nagging me to death as 'cheering'. Really, she's super excited, and has been wanting me to do something with all my writing for years now.

I have a little niece whom I've never met before. We have only chatted through Skype. BUT...somehow I have become her favorite aunt. Is it the purple hair? I just dont know. She has met my other two siblings, but I am the one she asks for.

I cant wait to meet her one day. Oh, the evil ways I will teach her. Oh, I mean...erm...yeah...

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