Saturday, November 8, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day Eight: Memory Triggers

Lately I've been nostalgic. Certain things trigger old memories. Some of them bad, and I'd like very much not to remember, but some are good, and make me smile, filling me with a warmth.

This may sound odd, but I recently bought some Sweetened Condense Milk. I havent done it in ages, and it was just an 'out of the blue' type of thing.
I use it in my coffee, instead of cream and sugar.
The first sweet taste of it transported me back to childhood, in my gramma's kitchen. She used it for her coffee always. And she made me weird little drinks with it. It has a distinct taste, and is thick and almost syrupy. Its so good.
The memories are bittersweet. My gramma passed some time ago. I miss her dearly. She spoiled me rotten, as Gramma's often do.

Another little trigger was a purchase of a room freshener candle. I dont even know the name of the scent...the label is torn away. But when I lit the candle, I was brought back to a precious memory of when my kid was little. Yanno, back when she was cute, and not a all profession legal whiz. :D

Music also triggers things. I havent heard some songs in ages, and while cleaning out my music folder, I found a hidden stash of 80's music. Oh. Em. Gee. Cyndi Lauper. And she's still just as amazing today. But listening to some of that old music took me back to High School days. Again, some good, some bad. I was a social outcast. I was Goth before there was even a Goth genre.

Does anything in particular move you? Have you ever passed someone and their perfume or cologne just instantly popped a random memory into your head? Its weird, but fun.

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