Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some down time...

So, the first novel is out for editing, and the second part is underway, but I've decided to give myself the day off. I've been online gaming and role play writing. It breaks the monotony sometimes. Helps me refocus when I'm ready to get back to work.

I am having a hard time with the cover art for book two. I want it to match well with book ones cover. I'm sure I'll get it sorted, I have plenty of time for that.

I read an article earlier, and it upset me. It was about a cat. Now, I hold cats in high regards. I love them. If I could take in every homeless cat in the world in, I would. I love all animals. The article upset me to the point of tears, not because of its poignancy, but because the author seemed to want some sort of commendation or accolades for helping this poor dying neglected cat, it died in his arms. He told the long tale of the cat, how the neighborhood treated it and what not. Despite it all, it was a very friendly and loving cat, no matter it missing an ear, eye and a deformed leg.
What infuriated me was this man allowed this animal to be treated so harshly for a long time, only swooping in to lift a finger to save it when a dog got hold of it, mangling it. Why didn't he do something sooner? Why didn't anyone? It wasn't a feral. It wanted love and a home. It was friendly. It was a living soul.

I just get disgusted when I read article like that. I've been fluctuating between sad and mad all morning since.

I'm trying to snap myself off of it, move on. Love on my own cat, so she knows, yes, she is loved.

Anyway. Book two. Its half way written, at least the first draft. So much more in my head to spill out on the pages to come. I'm very excited, as are my family and friends. And my cat.

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